Episode 252 - The Spontaneity of Grocery Shopping


Look I’m sorry I’m harping on this, and using roughly the same sentence as last week, but man it is cold. It is currently, as I type this at 8 am, -28C. It’s one of those morning where the first thing you do is check to see if the pipes are frozen.

Jon has an Oscar pool you should enter.

Isabelle’s program about abstract art for kids is done for now. It picks back up in May. We talked a bit about getting kids to do abstract stuff and how hard that is.

They’re slowly installing new, energy efficient, windows at the U, hence the picture. They’re doing mine Monday night. So, I have to move some stuff. I’m not moving my filing cabinet, wrong union….

We had quite a few stops today, but Backpack studio seems to have held on.

Episode 251 - Chakotay


Yes, I know I harp on the weather in these things. I guess it is because our summers are so short and our winters long and at times REALLY COLD. It’s so cold the my colleague Jenn and I, who I’m doing a field research project with, told our student assistants not to observe the birds until Tuesday. As I told them ‘we aren’t paying you enough fo you to die.

We went pretty late today. Isabelle had a really big day yesterday (which you hear about a bit), and we had nothing big on this afternoon, so we went later, and Jon came along. He hadn’t seen the renovations to the grocery store, so he got to see them.

I’m no fan of Voyager, though, it has its decent episodes. It’s more the characters being inconsistent for me, especially Janeway. Also, what nation did Chakotay belong to?

True Detective is back as is ST:Discovery.

Episode 250 - Frozen Area


For the first time ever, I’ve come up with a title before we record. We all just got up, and I started to do my regular routine of checking stuff, including the weather. It’s -24 C our. That, for those of you scoring at home, has a technical name. Fucking Cold.

Isabelle’s project with Jon’s high school starts next week, exciting stuff.

Backpack studio crashed, but, I had a backup recorder because I’m me. So half is on a Zoom H2.

People were standing around in the grocery store in the way, it was really annoying.

We made a bunch of stops today for your listening pleasure.

We’ve done 250 of these (and 118 of the hold show). Thanks to everyone for listening!