Episode 283 - The Other Side of Christmas Might Be Cool


So, we’re back from a whirlwind camping trip to Cooper Harbor Michigan. It’s the home of Mike, the Virtual Yooper, and Chris or the Yooperette.…

When we arrived Mike set up a microwave wifi network for us…. Cuz, like, that’s how he rolls.

It turned out that one of our tires on the trailer needed to be replaced, so of course Mike did that.

We went to a lighthouse!

We drank beer and gin.

Isabelle went to Art in the Park with Chris.

Jon mostly stayed in the trailer.

Mike made his famous Pad Thai.

Plus, we passed Scarborough dude, on his way to Copper Harbour. Seriously.

Thanks Musiels, you’re awesome people.

Episode 281 - Buckets of Gesso With Dirty Pants Michaud


Pretty great title right?

We’ve been remodelling a room, which is fun. The real fun is finding old stuff and then wondering if you should keep it and where.

Isabelle and Jon have a show coming up in Blind River. I don’t. I’ll go though.

It’s pretty warm today, and Monday is a holiday, so, the LCBO was packed. Still, no problem getting in and out in the space of a song.

Isabelle explained to me how artist fees work.

Looks like there’ll be an art burning tonight!

Episode 280 - I Don't Think We Have The Relationship You Think We Do


Back on our regular schedule. OK, not at all. Actually we released one yesterday, and now today we had to go shopping, so we recorded.

The whole deal in the US with ICE etc is getting us both down.

We had a funny story at the border yesterday, and we shared it for your amusement.

Isabelle came down to help me put stuff in the cart and the cashier said ‘oh you’re helping, you never help’. That was weird I mean, I think she meant it as a joke, but umm, yeah….

Isabelle needs a name for her in the planning stages art podcast.