Episode 28 Kiki Smith and Barnett Newman

Back after a 6 week break, we touch on my recent trip to Ottawa and Montréal. The Kiki Smith / Tony Smith exhibit at the National gallery was a great exercise in trying to find similarities. What blew me away was a painting by Degas "Woman with an umbrella."  By the way, I made a mistake about a painter I really liked, I said his name was Monkhouse but it was in actual fact the work of Kent Monkman that I enjoyed so much.  Mark talked about how when you're starting out, you might not like some forms of artwork but when you mature a bit your tastes start changing.  I totally agree. We talked about Barnett Newman's Voice of Fire. My family got really passionate about talking about it.  Mark loved it and it really inspired him to paint. We totally invite you to experience that painting for yourself. It might surprise you! Oh, check out my new website www.isamichaud.com if you're interested. Let us know how we're doing on "That's not Art."