Episode 293 - Luxurious


Gee we’re getting close to 300 of these things.

Very chilly early this morning, -2 when I got up at 7.

Ahh the break week ends. Boooooo.

Seinfeld has had a large effect on the culture, including saying ‘luxurious’ whenever we’re on newly paved road.

Strava doesn’t want to support Bluetooth devices any more. Boo again.

Maddie is off on a few trips soon. Pretty great opportunities.

Episode 292 - Alpaca Thanksgiving


Hey, Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!

So Isabelle has some friends/acquaintances who own an alpaca farm. They’re having an open house of sorts today, so we went. We also thought, hell, why not record something. So we did that.

I got a new toque! It’s, of course, made of alpaca. Well alpaca wool, not like their spleens or something.

Isabelle is getting more involved in the local francophone scene.

Isabelle is, as usual, working on her grants.

It’s the break week. I love the break week.

Episode 291 - Truncated


So, we actually recorded this yesterday, but ‘m just getting around to it today.

This is a short one, no LCBO trip etc. So those of you who are bag or box fans are left out. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We too Jon in to the bush plane museum and were hoping to see his teacher, but she was not int, there was a sub.

Hey, they have a new helicopter, and it looks like one of those Bell choppers from MASH.

We both like ‘Both Sides Now’ by Judy Collins.