Episode 68 - Dave's Sabbatical

You know, I have no idea if this eat local thing is worth it, but, it ain't cheap.  For example, I bought some broccoli and some garlic at the local farmers' market, and it was FOURTEEN BUCKS.  So, of course we talked about that.

We talked about a show Isabelle has been watching called Survivors.  It basically involves people surviving an apocalypse of some sort and screaming a lot.

This led us into a discussion of shows that stream only, or go to streaming first.  Is there a difference between such shows and traditional ones?  If so, what is the difference?

It really is amazing how quickly everything with entertainment changed.  We don't watch much stuff that is not streaming any more.  Mostly when we watch traditional TV it is when the PVR has recorded something.

My sabbatical started this week, and so did my new podcast project, you might want to check it out.

Episode 67 - Don't Forget The Vinegar


We promised a camping episode.  We didn't record a camping episode. Instead, you get a short grocery cast.  

We talked about our camping trip though, so that counts.  We also covered the marriage equality decision in the States, the health care decision in the States and that whole evil flag thing.  

Oh and I remembered the vinegar.

Episode 66 - St. Jean Backyard Day!

Yup, back in the backyard!

Jon had his graduation and it was great.  We are really proud of hm, interestingly he doesn't care.

We talked about who listens to us, and why?  Who the hell are you people?

It is St. Jean Baptiste Day so celebrate your inner French Canadian!