Episode 227 - Squeaky Mouthfeel


No, not that Squeaky.....

We're back from our whirlwind tour of Quebec and Ontario!  That means back to our regular routine too.

ISABELLE GOT AN ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL GRANT.  This is a big deal.  She will be doing collaborative work with Jon!  You may know Jon from such podcasts as 'The Jonathan Files'.

There was a cute kid in the store.  I got the slowest cashier ever, she's very nice though.

Hey, the fire ban has been lifted, maybe we'll have a backyard fire tonight!


Sadly, they had no cheese curds at the store, so no poutine.  

What foods have a unique mouthfeel?  Like cheese curds that squeak?

Episode 226 - Who Doesn’t Love Structure?


We’re driving from Boucherville to London. Isabelle is tired and bored. So let’s pidcast!  That ought to wake her up which will keep us alive.

 I hate all people on the road.

se saw some cool stuff in Boucherville including the islands neabry which are a provincial park.  Plus we went on bike rides. 

we took the 407 to avoid people.  Did I mention that I hate people? 

Cool stuff is happening at the university. 

I’m still not fond of the traveling public. 

BREAKING: ISABELLE GOT AN ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL GRANT!!  This was not on the podcast, but we found out when we got to Mom's house.

Also, I hate people.

Episode 225 - I Love The Patty


It's Saturday.  Saturday is when we shop.  It's a thing we do.  Look, I'm obviously typing this before we go.

It's a bit cooler now.  Well, I mean it is still summer, but it has cooled down quite a bit.  I'm still riding my bike a lot, though less than I'd like.

Hey, 13 years ago tomorrow we started Broca's Area, neat.

my sister’s husband is in an A&W ad. 

The roads suck.

Could you make art, or do anything, untouched by oil?