Episode 260 - Potholecast


Looks like it will be a high of 5C today preettttty niiiiiice.

So, the honours thesis talks were yesterday. I had a fun, if very long, day.

Also JON TURNED 18! He’s quite enamoured with the idea of being an adult. Who could blame him?

We’ve made it through February and much of March. I’m not going to lie, this winter was a battle. However, we are now in the tunnel and now can see light.

Isabelle is off to Sudbury for a quick trip this week.

Episode 259 - Teasing Out The Possible With Small Gestures


It’s snowed again, though it rained some this week and there has been some melting.

This thing in New Zealand makes me angry as hell. I’ll do my best not to get angry on the podcast.

I have a theory., the provincial conservatives are bullies who never grew up. That’s the leadership, the hangers on, they’re like the kids who wanted to be cool, so they hung out with bullies and said ‘what are we doing next?!!!’

Isabelle has been doing so much cool stuff with her project, she talks a lot about it in the episode.

Episode 258 - Dret Medium


Looks like it is getting somewhat nice out. Quite sunny today and not too cold. Of course, there is a damned ‘special weather statement’ about impending snow and ice pellets, so we have that going for us.

Isabelle’s art project has begun. She’s painting podcasters. Pretty cool.


Everything is always going through the internet outrage machine. Then people are always angry. We don’t think that’s healthy, take that from me, who used to always be angry….

Like, how do people have the energy to keep up the anger. There are times when you should laugh and such.

Isabelle has been thinking about how she defines herself. I like that.

She interviewed an artist colleague the other day, which is cool. It will show up in the That’s Not Art feed.

We were supposed to be interviewed by Mark Blevis today, but, circumstances beyond his control changed that.