Episode 154 - Pointy Snowbanks

This is exciting placeholder text that I am writing before we go out today.  I figure this beats the crap out of lorem ipsum.

We went to a play last week.  It was decent though it dealt at a point with one of the characters having a brain tumour.  That was a bit much for me.

Jon is taking a class outside his program which is a first.  It is a drama class.  They're working on a radio play, and he's the sound effects guy.

Boy is the weather changing, it's up to 7 degrees today!

I don't think people are any more sensitive now, I think they are louder than they used to be.

Episode 153 - Your Fancy Pantsy Attitude In the Scientific Pool of Geniuses

Perhaps our strongest title yet.

Holy mother of things that have mothers, has it ever snowed.  We probably got about 60 cm (maybe more) in the past couple of days.  It snowed for two days straight as well.  Happily a neighbour was nice enough to snowblow our driveway.

Isabelle went to a pretty cool thing last night, she talked about that.

She's also doing lithography with seems exceedingly complicated.

We talked some about 'whataboutism' which is a thing (click the link).

Episode 152 - You're Listing All of the Things That I Hate

It's a really nice day, about -9, no wind to speak of, perfect for shop casting.

The Bon Soo winter carnival is on.  I hate Sault Ste. Marie spelling things 'Too'.  Isabelle dislikes the period after Ste.  I generally dislike nicknames of cities, The Six, T Dot, Hogtown, all of the kind of thing.  I think I hate using your airport code as a hashtag more though.

Oh if you don't know about them trying to ban French here, yeah that happened, read about it here.

It's Super Bowl weekend.  I honestly don't care.

Isabelle is still searching for grants.  She's really good at that stuff, no matter what she says.