Episode 200 - Tortilla Pillows


Wow, we've done 200 of these.  Add that to 117 Broca's Areas and you've got a number.

We were saddened this week to hear of the death of Dolores O'Roirdan.  She was the lead singer of the Cranberries.  Perhaps, well to us anyway, more importantly, she worked closely with my brother Dan since 2003,  Forty-six is too young.

Isabelle has a mid term sort of thing tomorrow (which is why we recorded today).  She'll get input from her profs about her final project.

I'm still sick.

We went to the LCBO for the first time this year!

Episode 199 - Searching For a Title


So, we've all been a bit sick lately, and I've been very sick.  Damned flu again.  Had we recorded last week it would have just been me moaning and complaining of chills.

I am doing better though, still sick.

Isabelle wants to make some stop motion movies which is a neat thing.  

We've been watching ST Deep Space Nine.  (We've seen it before of course)  We're convinced that, except for TOS, it is both the best and worst series as far as the portrayal of women go.  The sexism is really cringeworthy, that's for sure.

Glad to be back!

Episode 198 - Happy New Year From the Woman of Leisure


We thought we'd go shopping a day early to hopefully beat the hordes to shopping for New years'.

Hey it worked!

Isabelle is a woman of leisure.  She's just lucky I'm around.

Christmas was a lot of fun.  Boy did it get cold, -33 the other day.  Plus, it snowed like a son of a bitch, like 50 cm, and no crews to clean it because (understandably) they were on holidays.  Today it was 'warm' 11 C.

Happy New Year from us!