Episode 141 - Firenaversary

Four years ago today we had our fire.  The one referenced in our tag line 'We're back, and our dryer is on fire'.  In retrospect it is sort of funny, and I am still very cautious about the lint trap.

12-3 was an inside job man, wake up Sheeple!

Hey, the term is over.  Well, basically over anyway, so we have that going for us as well.

Weird thing yesterday, while I was in a meeting our university president resigned.  A former president, and French department colleague of Isabelle's will take over.

I think Isabelle should get a smock.  I also quite like saying the word 'smock'.

I googled where Hawaiian shirts come from!

Jon did the music at a school basketball game to much acclaim.

I'm going to make eggnog. 

Isabelle likes beetles but didn't want to hear the Beatles.

Episode 140 - A 14A Television Show

So we went shopping a day early as Isabelle has a thing tomorrow.

Yesterday she went to an art exhibit that was all video.  It doesn't sound like something I would have liked much, though the story of the cow that fell down the hole is compelling.  The shite and black lines, not so much.

I saw a box of water for sale at the grocery store.  Western Civilization is nearly dead.

The thing she is off to is an art show.  She made a bunch of small paintings for it and some other stuff.  She'll be at a table selling stuff with friends and that is the important thing really.

Oh, Jon came along on this one as he had a PD Day today.  Indeed every kid in town was off school.  Jon gave us our title today.

Episode 139 - Soundscapes From the Deep, What Does That Mean? We Don't Know

Great title eh?  It has literally nothing to do with this episode.

Hey, it's snowing.  Well, it was bound to happen at some point.  Still, it is supposed to warm up again, so no worries as of yet.

MADDIE IS VISITING.  This is outstanding.

We talked about what food we would eat only by ourselves because of embarrassment.  This is inspired by a thread over at AVClub.  Pickle juice, logos and entire frozen pizzas come to mind.  For Jon, it is lamb....

Isabelle has some cool ideas for art projects with Jon's class, I look forward to hearing about how it goes.

We ended by talking about podcasting in general and of course our recently departed friend Bob.  If you would like to give to the fund for his son's education, click here.