Episode 276 - The Ever Ever Minutiae of Life


Still not quite back on schedule.

Isabelle has an opening at the gallery tonight, and also has a workshop tomorrow, so we went on Friday.

It seems MMPR was bad luck for recording.

We’re replacing our toilet seats!

Jon continues to be Jon, which has its effects on us.

A local guy has a sign telling people to slow down near his house. He uses the word ‘asshole’ on the sign. sadly, we don’t have a picture. However, here’s a story about him.

Episode 274 - Oneway Clusterfuck


Hey, we went to #MMPR!

Now, I’ve been to every one, but it was Isabelle’s first time at MMPR.

Isa met everyone and had a great time, which made me happy.

Oh the title refers to driving in Hamilton, which is actually close to impossible.

Isa sold a couple of paintings, including the one pictured which went to Brent and Brandy.

Thanks to Anth and Jay for putting up with everyone on Saturday night. Thanks to everyone for coming to MMPR as well.

Finally, it was so excellent to see Ken and Jackie, and thanks to Tom for travelling so far to come to MMPR.