Episode 250 - Frozen Area


For the first time ever, I’ve come up with a title before we record. We all just got up, and I started to do my regular routine of checking stuff, including the weather. It’s -24 C our. That, for those of you scoring at home, has a technical name. Fucking Cold.

Isabelle’s project with Jon’s high school starts next week, exciting stuff.

Backpack studio crashed, but, I had a backup recorder because I’m me. So half is on a Zoom H2.

People were standing around in the grocery store in the way, it was really annoying.

We made a bunch of stops today for your listening pleasure.

We’ve done 250 of these (and 118 of the hold show). Thanks to everyone for listening!

Episode 249 - This Store Is A Nuclear Furnace


Pretty grey out today. Not too cold.

In fact, even though I wore a short sleeved shirt in the store (under my coat) I was still all sweaty from the roller boogie. The store is warm.

Isabelle is buying lots of supplies for her upcoming art project with the kids at Jon’s high school.

Backpack studio is working well.

The liquor store was empty, eerily so.

Jon saw someone get arrested yesterday, kinda freaked him out.

Jon got new fish today too, which is good.

Episode 248 - Pretty Nice


So Christmas has come and gone. It was pretty great. Now, on to New Year’s Eve! NYE is the worst holiday ever, as I’ve mentioned on this podcast and others.

Looks like Backpack studio worked today.

The roads are horrible. It was very warm and slushy, then it was -17. This causes bumpiness.

Isabelle got me a new coat and boots so I have a new winter look.

The cashier at the grocery store agrees that New Year’s Eve sucks.

The LCBO and the grocery store weren’t that busy, oddly.

We talked about the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, because we are awesome.