Episode 172 - Stocking Up

Isabelle is back from her trip to Montreal and Quebec City.  She was pretty much on the road most of the time, visiting different people.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Isabelle made a great dinner and we had a couple of people over.  She really rocked it.

It is also St. Jean Baptiste Day.  So there's that.

What the heck happened to Dow Beer?

Why does liquor have to be sold by a government agency?  I'm curious what the arguments are.  Oh you can now buy beer in our grocery store.

My brother went to see U2, as the guest of Larry Mullen Jr.  So that's a thing.



Episode 171 - Devin's Art Heist

It's a special Tuesday edition of Monday Night Football!

Isabelle had a bunch of her student art collection (her work and her student colleagues' work that is throughout our house) on display this past weekend as it was a convocation open house thing.  It was great to see all of it, but now we had to remove it and take it home.  Sorta felt like we were Ocean's 11.

Isabelle is off to Montreal and Quebec City tomorrow, so we did a quick grocery shopping trip today to pick up a few things.

I paid entirely with points!

I wonder how you get people to realize that they need festivals and art and such in a town?  We figure it has something to do with #awareness.  Indeed, often people don't know they need or want something until you point it out to them.

Have a great trip Isabelle!

Episode 170 - There Must Be Sunglasses Here Somewhere


So, we went shopping a day early as I have convocation tomorrow and Isabelle has a thing. 

isabelle is going to be juror for the Ontario arts Council which is pretty great.  Congratulations to her. 

We had a friend over tonight, so we made pasta, it was a first for us.  Sorta kinda worked out.

Oh Jon came along on this one, and even chose one of the songs.  It is getting close to the end of the school year, so they have a lot of oh let's call them 'empty days' so Jon took the day off.  Yup, we got a box at the LCBO.