Episode 204 - I'm Aware of Knitting


Come with us, a day early, to shop and all that.

Hey the break is here!  I'm pleased about that.

I made Isabelle laugh on Boundary road, rather than near the train tracks on the way back, weird eh?

There was a recent documentary about the opiate crisis in our city.  It was pretty amazing.  We talked a bit about that.

People in the store were blocking my way again.  They were having a 'debate' about which frozen french fries to buy.  I rendered a decent impression of them.

We ended on a pretty serious note, speaking about the recent school shooting in the US.  We're angry.

Episode 203 - John


We lost a very close friend this week, John, who knew Isabelle almost as long as I've known her.  He would hang out at our place in Toronto, he hung out in the lab, indeed he even had a spot in the animal behaviour group's coffee pool.  He came to our wedding etc.  John and I used to get very excited about the PC Insider's Report as well.

Speaking of groceries, we had the worst cashier ever.  Now she's very nice, and I wouldn't like complain to the management or anything, but she makes some, oh, creative bagging choices.


Isabelle is having a visit from a friend at the studio today, should be fun.  She's known Michelle for quite a while, and we got the story of that.

I've got Olympic Fever!

Episode 202 - Moveable Walls


Isabelle has been watching these odd videos about 'psychology' that cherry pick a lot of data.

She got there by searching on the term 'university' and trying to find ads.  We've talked about our university's ad campaign before, and how incredibly, umm, not good it is.  I'll probably get in trouble for typing that....

Speaking of our university.  We full time faculty have overwhelmingly voted to strike.  It is just a step, and of course nobody hopes for a strike.  They're offering us less money for more work, which doesn't seem rightly fair.....

Isabelle is checking out stuff about how to be a practicing artist with the grants and the spreadsheets and such.