Episode 32 - What's Your Tire Hut's Number?

Yeah it has been a while, but we finally had a bit of time and decided to record.  Specifically, we recorded at the Tandoori Gardan restaurant.  Yes, they have misspelled 'garden', or it means something I am not aware of.

We talked a little bit about last night's Quebec election, a bit about school and a bit about a hut made of tires.  Yup, a hut made of tires.

Episode 31 - There Are Two Kinds of Pain

Isabelle just got back from a trip to her hometown, Quebec City, QC.  While she was there she had to install a wifi network at her Mom's place in order to watch House of Cards on her iPad.  OK, this episode of the podcast contains a large number of spoilers, it is full of spoilers, spoiler alert.  If you have not seen House of Cards Season 2, and don't want to be spoiled, don't listen to this one.  Spoiler Alert.....  Ok, is that enough?

We also talked a bit about the Olympics, about gay rights, about the Magdeleine Laundries and about various other fun things.

Oh yeah, spoiler alert...

Episode 30 - Art Shows and LCBOs

We have not recorded in quite a while, so we thought that, on our way to do some shopping, we would record a little.

 OK, tell me this is not awesome

 OK, tell me this is not awesome

Seems to me 50 grand would have been more appropriate.....

Seems to me 50 grand would have been more appropriate.....

Isabelle has been doing a lot of art, and she has been buying lots of supplies for her art.  She also recently actually showed some of her art, notably the painting above, at the Art Gallery of Algoma here in town.  I still say she should have asked for more money, but what do I know of art?

We made various stops as well, talked about the start of the new year and stuff like that.  We hope you like this episode.