Episode 191 - Snow Shaming


It is snowy again.  It melted during the week, but it came back.  However, it is melting now.  It's pretty gross out, except the temperature is ok.  

Snow sometimes flies off of cars, you should take pictures of people like that.

Jon in probably going to be on his school's float for today's Santa Claus parade.  Should be fun for him, perhaps there'll be a Jonathan Files about it.

I bought the liquor etc for this year's egg nog!  We definitely needed a box.

Isabelle is a will imposer.  I went to high school with a William Imposer, good guy.

Episode 190 - Trophy Nuts


So, it snowed a great deal the other day and there is still quite a bit left on the ground.

It is Remembrance Day today.  Indeed, at 11 am in the grocery store there was a moment of silence.  It was quite moving.

Isabelle's friend Zenith is getting an award, yay her!

THE LCBO IS CLOSED FOR REMEMBRANCE DAY.  This is not the freedom those brave young men fought for.

We have colds.

Maddie is visiting, so that is always nice.

Episode 189 - Subscribe To Toques On Amazon


Well, it snowed overnight.  Not a lot as you can see in the picture, but enough that it is annoying.

You get three stops today, as I had to get my prescriptions filled again.  Exciting, indeed riveting.  Eye update, about 99 percent I think, but I can still feel my eye in its socket.  I don't think that is how it is supposed to work.

When are people old now?  What age?  In the past I think younger people looked older, like say people in their twenties looked fortyish.  

Isabelle needed to get old wallpaper and a hat for the boy.  Alas, no hat.

I asked Isabelle if she like making art more than it being finished.  I think she likes making it more than finishing it.