Episode 135 - Colder

You know, it is cold today.  In a month this will seem warm, but 2C seems pretty cold today.  Indeed, our car claimed it was 18, but eventually the car figured things out.

Isabelle and I both had weird dreams last night, and we shared them, I think mine is more disturbing....

Isabelle did a workshop on using an app called Pixlr to make cool art.  I'm really impressed with the work she has done with it.  

Are you as tired as I am of people adding unnecessary padding to videos and blog posts?  Let's do something about it.  What?  I have no idea......

Isabelle saw a movie that sounded like it came from her life.  I have to agree, it sounded pretty close to how she described her life as a teenager.

Zebras and cows, their saga continues.  Before Isabelle got into the art scene I had no idea how people created paintings, I'm learning a lot.

Episode 134 - Echo Chambers

Well it has been a somewhat eventful reading week.  I went to Toronto for 24 hours for a series of meetings at the Council of Ontario Universities, and then we went to see a band last night.  Yup, we actually went out!

The band we saw was 'Whitehorse'.  They were pretty good.  They reminded Isabelle of The Handsome Family (of True Detective Season 1 fame) and last night in the car when she said that I was happy as the whole time they were playing I was thinking 'they remind me of someone.....'

We then talked about the end of the fall break and what students get out of university.  A lot of times they don't even know what skills they do get, which oddly was one of the themes of the meeting I was at in Toronto.

Finally, we talked about how people get the news and the effects of social media.

Episode 133 - About Friendship

You know, as usual I'm typing part of this before we go shopping (fourth wall, broken) and I don't know if this will come up, but Donald Trump is a vile, horrible person and is not fit to run, well, to run anything.

OK, got that out of the way.

Some of Isabelle's students believe there are gangs of rogue clowns walking the streets and attacking people.  Of course this is a hoax, covered on a recent Illuminati Social Club, but still, people are actually believing this junk.

Isabelle and one of her profs and a bunch of other students made prints with, wait for it, a steamroller.  Tell me that isn't cool?

Oh the friendship?  It is between a cow and a zebra.

If anyone knows how to do that whole thing with replacing  mic and a speaker on a little recording chip like those used in a card, Isabelle would love your help.