Episode 237 - Frazzled


So, marijuana became legal this week. So that’s a thing. It’s oddly normalized already. Indeed, I’ve seen someone smoking a joint at a bus stop.

Isabelle had a weird experience this week that brought back a flood of bad old memories and experiences.

I was in Toronto for about 22 hours Wednesday and Thursday for a meeting of the Council of Ontario Universities.

Episode 236 - Two Ferns and a Globefull of Succulents


We’re going shopping a day early because Isabelle has a thing tomorrow. She just got back from a quick jaunt to the States to pick up a package, I imagine this will come up.

Isabelle showed her art to Jon’s class, they were pretty impressed and asked really good questions about the work. Jon really loves the program he is in and is getting a lot out of it.

They’ve rearranged the grocery store due to renovations, it is driving me insane.

I’m off to the COU again next week, fun stuff. Freedom of expression on campus is the issue we’ll be discussing.

Episode 235 - Thankgivings

So it is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Also, that means I have to cook a turkey, which I don’t mind doing. Hey, fresh turkeys!

We were pretty speechless over the SCOTUS stuff. America, you’re really in trouble.

The term is in full swing, and both of our classes are going well.

Maddie is visiting for a wedding.

Isabelle’s art that she showed recently is inspired by Jon. We talked a bit about what it was like a few years back, after being reminded by looking at an old journal we kept.