Episode 87 - Genetic Markers

Some good stuff today.  We talked a bit about magazines, and then about Scientific American Mind, which Isabelle just picked up.  There is an article about the genetics of autism in it which looks pretty good.

I don't know about you but I think this is cool.

I don't know about you but I think this is cool.

Maddie and I wrote a paper!  It is a bit snarky, but it makes some good points (so the editors said) and I'm pretty happy with it.

Looks like Maddie may be getting a car, a pretty big step that is.

Episode 86 - Halo of Fuzziness

It's not all luxurious four lane highway

It's not all luxurious four lane highway

Well, on our way home from Toronto we of course, recorded again.  The first half is from the trip, right around Barrie, ON.

Then we got home and had to go grocery shopping, so you still got some grocery action.  We talked a bit about the whole Paris thing again, and then, frankly, we had had enough and got home....

Hope you liked our little weekend travelogue.

Episode 85 - Aftermath

So we are here in Toronto and we saw the Turner exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

I think the three of us all got something out of the exhibit.  Jon and I particularly liked looking at his work really close up, and then backing off a bit and seeing something different depending upon how far away we were.

We then saw a bunch of other stuff, I mean how often are we at the AGO?  So we checked out Camera Atomica which is a pretty groovy exhibit of photos and such about the Cold War.  On of Isabelle's profs is in the exhibit which rocks.

Then we saw some Canadian stuff and even got a little talk from a guide, which was great.  Oh and it was about someone who in her early career painted cows!

Finally we got back to the hotel and hung out a bit and just talked about our day and had a drink.  We also of course weighed in on the horrible attacks in Paris. 

Vive La France.