Episode 127 - Chi Cheemaun et al

We're back on the Saturday schedule, but, we have special bonus coverage of our trip to the Bruce Peninsula, London, Grundy Lake etc.  We took the Chi Cheemaun ferry in there, and those of you who want more ferry coverage should check out the most recent episode of the Jonathan Files.

We picked up Maddie in London, she's home for a visit.

We camped a bit, and of course as noted visited London.  In London Isabelle bought Maddie and Ross a table.  Listen to the tale of the table and my ability to do arithmetic in my head!

Isabelle has a friend who would like to start a repertory theatre.  I hope it works out, good luck to him.

There was a funny guy in the LCBO, I don't think he meant to be....

Overall the Saturdays I think are better than the Tuesdays.

Episode 126 - Maybe I Won't Talk To You For a Month

Many stops this week, so many bonus tracks!  (One of which was elected by Jonathan, even though he wasn't with us).


Isabelle and a friend are playing tonight, and we talked a bit about that.  Her brother came over as well, and he asked why we didn't do video.  I don't think video would add much to this podcast, plus, well, plus I think it smacks of work.

Isabelle has been watching a show from the UK, 'Dancing on the Edge'.  John Goodman is in it, so that makes it by definition great.

I've been riding my bike a lot, which scares Isabelle.  It doesn't scare me, so I think it all washes out.

Episode 125 - Chicken Nuggets Cooked In Orange Juice

More groceries and liquor, more podcasting.

Jon came with us again today.  He even chose two of the songs for today, you can probably guess which two.

Jon's musical tastes are varied as you can tell from his choices.  Mine are two, I like all of the U2 albums.  Isabelle likes something called 'world music' which I think is some sort of plot to stop America Being Greatâ„¢ but I think if we put up a wall we'll be fine.

Isabelle went swimming this morning, and her friend got what might have been spider bites, that doesn't sound good.

Generally, stay away from stagnant water really.

We talked about the best stuff Isabelle had to eat in Morocco and Algeria.  She was not a fan of the curdled milk.