Episode 218 - A Backdrop of Parking Tokens


Boy is it hot today.  Humidity is insane.

Oh Isabelle's opening went really well.

There's something cool at work, they want a podcast studio.  Oh and they want me to equip it!  Like not with my stuff, but they want me to buy new stuff.  Isabelle's art should be on the walls.

Isabelle lost her bank card!  So we went to the bank to get a new one.

Isabelle is making paint out of eggs and parsley.

I keep biking, lots.

Did I mention it was hot?  Great day to clean out the old, soon to be former, shed.

Episode 217 - Your Jokey Jokes


Hey, it's the day of Isabelle's big group show!  We're pretty excited about it too.  Well, I mean I assume Isabelle is.  I'm typing this having not spoken to her yet today. She just got up.  I'll confirm her excitedness soon.

It is a bit dreary today, rainy etc.  It hasn't really rained in quite a while, so that's probably a good thing.

Isabelle is probably rightfully) concerned that my colleague Paul (whose wife Jacky is in the show) and I will become the centre of attention because we are, frankly, awesome.

I've been biking a lot.  Hell, I put in 60 km on Monday.  I actually had no idea where I was.  Well, I mean I knew where I was, just not precisely.

Isabelle is going to do great tonight.   Perhaps we'll have special podcast coverage...



Episode 216 - In The Helmet


Now over to Dave with the weather.  Thanks Dave, it's going up to 16 today, though it is a little chilly right now.  Should be sunny and clear all week.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm doing the whole 'type some of this stuff up in advance' deal.

Things started out as they often do, with Isabelle not being able to find her glasses.  She found them, inside her bike helmet.  Actually I found them.  Spare me your blind jokes....

We talked a bit about rationality vs gut feelings.

Then I shopped!  I got a really good cashier.  Also, I saw a person whose taste in music would not really fit with mine.

After that Isabelle talked about her upcoming show, we're both pretty excited about it.