Episode 57 - This is Not a Poopcast

In this instalment we answer the age old question 'why would anyone podcast?'  OK, age old if an age is about oh 11 years I guess.  And 'answer' in that, well, we talked about it , I am not sure that we actually answered the question.

I, as usual, took a stand on something for no reason.  In this case it was that people who don't want their pictures taken are idiots.  I'm not sure I actually believe that, but, it was something to say...

Remember, this is not a poopcast.  

Episode 56 - Oh No, I Forgot the Mangoes

Another Saturday, another shopping trip.

As yesterday was a holiday and tomorrow is a holiday everyone and their damned brother was at the grocery store, it was a mad house, a mad house!  The liquor store was much more subdued, and my theory is that seriously religious people who are into the whole Christian dealio don't drink that much, but they do love to get in my way while I am shopping for food.

Today we talked about the end of term, my coming sabbatical, and how expensive being an art student is.

Episode 55 - Past Shop

Join us in our grocery and liquor buying trip for this week.  

Isabelle practicing her Skype recording skills for her upcoming art podcast

Isabelle practicing her Skype recording skills for her upcoming art podcast

Isabelle is starting up a new podcast project about art.  She'll do it over Skype with a friend of ours, should be good.  Stay tuned to this site for details.

Future Shop is no longer.  Sort of weird.  I hope they aren't doing the 'you're all fired and are welcome to apply for your job' thing.

We talked a bit about the plight of part time university instructors, without whom the entire fucking system would collapse.  However, they are treated, well, let's say not well.

Yes, I know this is the third time this week I have used Future Primitive by Papercuts, I don't care, get your own goddamned show.