Episode 131 - I No Longer Have The Suckage

Yup, I got a new phone.  It is a wondrous thing.  Plus, the Telus salesperson was actually really nice and didn't try to upsell me.  This made the whole thing easy.

I have no idea what to type next as I am typing this before we go, as usual.

Oh an extra stop today, we've got empty bottles to return, so you have that for your listening pleasure.  We also had to get gas.

Isabelle has a neat exhibit coming up, it is about a day in her life, we picked up a package that had a banner in it for the show.  Then Isabelle made herself laugh, a lot.....

I ran into a friend in the grocery store who also just got back from sabbatical.  We'd both have liked them not not end, just saying....

I'm not watching the Clinton v Trump debate.  I'm also rather angry at the sexism I'e seen displayed during the campaign.



Episode 130 - This Zebra and This Cow Walk In to a Bar

Well, here we go again, with me writing this thing before we go.  This text is the Jimmy Buffet of Lorem Ipsums.

Isabelle is doing a course where she gets asked really deep complicated questions about painting.  I have a class where I ask the students to write me a paper entitled 'What is Psychology?'

Isabelle is painting a series about a zebra and a cow.  Where would the two hang out?  I think there are cold weather zebras, so maybe import a few....

Hey it was a great PC Points week!

Episode 129 - First Semester Freedom Fighter

OK, it's real, my sabbatical, while officially over since July 1, is really over.  I taught two classes this week.  OK, well I handed out course outlines.  Isabelle is back to teaching a class and is taking two as well.

Being back at it led to a discussion of getting a list of student names along with their pictures.  It would help all of us remember their names.  Indeed, the original face books, not Facebook, did just that.

Isabelle talked a bit about her 'That's Not Art' podcast and a bit about wanting to put her videos on youtube.  Best to turn off comments we think.

I've been biking to work, which is great, good exercise and I'm not stuck on depending on the bus.