Episode 117 Dance me to the end of love

À la mémoire de notre ami Bob qui est décédé presque en même temps que Leornard Cohen, à un jour près. Pour moi, tu étais si beau, drôle et intelligent. Tu m'as encouragée sans vraiment rien dire.  C'est difficile de croire que tu es déjà parti mais nous nous souviendrons de toi toujours avec un grand sourire.  Merci pour tout, Bob. Tu vas nous manquer.

Episode 116 Bands at the Gore Street Café

There was an open mic last night, Brya and I really enjoyed listening to this band of 3 musicians.  I especially enjoy the woman box drummer... She's got this really cool way to play that drum. Her hair is lovely and she puts her whole body into it. The host was cute and fun, Allan Syrette. Such a funny dude.  I go to open mic once every 6 months, I don't do well playing in front of people. However I has a good time with my former student Brya! 

Episode 107 Burning paper and drawing

Drawing and creating have become a daily occurrence in my life. The challenge for me is how to ally immediate and gestural mark making with a more sustained and deliberate way to make some marks onto my paper. The process of learning how to draw, how to see, how to translate what I see onto paper or onto surfaces whether it is with paint or with charcoal, is a long process for me. It's been 5 years since my first drawing course, already.  What is nice is that I can see that I am improving but also that I am not abandoning some of the ways that I liked to draw or to paint from the beginning. Things are just becoming more focussed.