Episode 159 - The White Clothed Mullet Lady

Isabelle is off arting. However, Madeleine is in town.  

So, Maddie took me shopping, and we recorded a fine show.

When coming home, sometimes you are more busy with the visiting and such than you would be if you were at work or school.  

A woman all in white (a brave choice on a day that is pretty muddy) was following us.  OK, not following us, indeed, we were probably more following her.

We got a box Jon.


Oh, we released our Sault Ste. Marie mall power rankings.

Episode 158 - Low Nervous Seething Background

It's still snowing.

Stop it!

I've been more involved in stuff at work again, it is going well.  I've been involved in reviewing our English department, and it has been fun so far.

It's Jon's birthday coming up, which is great, and Maddie will be visiting, which is great.

In the accompanying picture you can see the cafe where Isabelle hangs out when I shop.

Most people wouldn't realize it but both Isabelle and I are pretty private people and pretty shy.  Yeah ok, so we record our thoughts and put them on the open internet, but still....

Episode 157 - Don't Forget To Like and Subscribe

Off again to the various shopping places.

It is cold again, and it snowed again, and daylight saving time starts again.

Isabelle had her thing for those awards this week.  She didn't win, but she met a lot of people.  One of the people she met will help her get volunteers for the arts council, so that's cool.

We talked about instructional videos and how they are often way too detailed and don't get to the big picture.  

The other thing videos do is you get too much intro, too much reminding to like and subscribe and all of that.

Hope you like this one.  Thanks to Rachel and Greg for the comments, and thanks to Michelle for the nice messages to Isabelle.