Episode 163 - Thermally

So, I just got back from the Conference on Comparative Cognition, which explains the odd release day for the podcast.

At left you can see how generally evil the Orlando airport is.

The trip was good.  Maddie gave a great talk, and generally the conference itself was great, as it always is.  This year there was the Space Coast March For Science which many conference goers attended.  Maddie included.  I did not, as it umm, well, is in the Florida sun.

That said, many went, and here's a cool video of it.

Debit and credit machines were down at the grocery store, people had to pay with, CASH.  It felt so 1996.  Then again, in the States you still sign for your credit card purchases rather than use a chip card because FREEDOM!!!



Episode 162 - My Internal GPS Got Hooked Up

It's spring for sure.  That means rain.  Well, at least you don't have to shovel rain.

Jon came with us today, which is always a plus.  I feel bad, he took literally that we'd get a box, but we didn't need one.  Next time he comes I promise we'll get a box.

It is illegal in Ontario for a minor to even hold a bottle of alcohol in the LCBO, that seems weird.  Even weirder was the two of us trying to translate that into French....

Jon can learn Mandarin right after he masters French.

I'm off to a conference next week, so I'll report on that next episode.

It is Easter weekend, which means there are a lot of people who don't know how to shop shopping.

Episode 161 - Ancient Japanese Secret Eh?

Wow, what a nice day. In fact we are about to break a record for a high temperature here for this day.

Isabelle is finishing up her printmaking class and she's using some sort of cool Japanese paper.  Sounds great.

A fellow student presented his final project this morning, and Isabelle attended, which explains why we are getting this out a bit late.  He was pretty good apparently.  I noted that by fourth year they do get good at presenting their own work to a crowd.  It is amazing watching the growth of confidence in students.

THE TERM IS OVER.  I'm doing a lot of marking.  I received 74 essay on Wednesday.  I'm now down to three!

Hopefully Jon will want to go shoot hoops later.

And yes, a bag, not a box.....