Episode 168 - All Honky

No, that is not an albino joke, listen and you'll get the title.

So, I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Toronto for the Council of Ontario Universities.  It was pretty good, and it is a great group of people.  I also went for a beer or two with Brent with an E, which was nice.

A special hello to everyone in Kingston celebrating Bob and PAB.

Isabelle is still painting, and still working on grants.

Boy it is getting warm.

Hey, they have a bathroom in the LCBO!  

You know how you know you are getting old?  When you find out the music in the grocery store is aimed at you.   It sounded like a high school dance from 1983 in there.

Episode 167 - Stretching the Hides

Another fine day for shopping.  Spring is inching its way up north it seems

Isabelle was at a thing, well a class really, yesterday where she helped out stretching cow and deer hides to make drums.  Wow.  That's something I wouldn't do.  I figure it is gross, from all that I have heard.  Especially the smell.  Seemed like a lot of work.

Isabelle likes perennials, not annuals.

Apparently Greg David also had to clean Christmas tree needles out of the car.

Lawns should be replaced with mint.  You mow your lawn, you smell like gum, that'd be great.

Isabelle would paint cows all over the car if she could.

We have several trips coming up, should be hectic.

Episode 166 - Pickup Truck Guy

I know I keep mentioning the weather, but it really finally is spring.  Fourteen degrees!

The dandelions are back.  There seem to be more each year, though that is probably because you can't use pesticides any more.  Though the emergence of influence of Native culture probably plays a role too.  Either way, apparently the dandelions are good for the bees.

So, I hate lawns, lawns are dumb.

Pickup truck guy (not the one in this pic, another one) made it so Isabelle couldn't see when we left the liquor store.

We got gas today, so four segments!

Isabelle is losing track of time.