Episode 175 - Sad Eyeball Punch

Hey, we're back!

We were away camping last weekend, so no podcast.  We went camping with Isabelle's sister Julie.  She was visiting to help celebrate Isabelle's 50th birthday.  It was a pretty casual affair as you can probably imagine.  Basically some friends, a fire, and 48 sliders of various types.

The camping trip was fun, though Jon wants internet, always.  Our friend David visited us during the trip as well.

So, we're looking after a dog.  A dog that looks like Johnny Depp on a bad day, right?

Isabelle is worried about getting dementia, I'm more concerned about living a life worth living.

All that said, not knowing that you own a comforter is odd....

Hopefully the art dept will be back on campus in September, though I have my doubts.

Episode 174 - Wood, Yoopers and Dairy Queens

So, I just got back from the Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables in Hamilton.  It was a really good time.  For the second year in a row I went down with Mike, the virtual Yooper.  He drove in from Copper Harbor MI, and we then flew from Sault Ste. Marie to Toronto, then, on the the GO bus, and we were in Hamilton.

So that was Thursday/Friday, and we came back yesterday.  Isabelle was looking for firewood, and now we have firewood.  Our friend Jody delivered it, and we didn't hear him knock.

Isabelle tried out the Dairy Queen potato skins.  

Isabelle recently took a day trip up to Wawa.  Her brother in law once spent five days there, that he'd like back.  

Isabelle is still thinking about her final project, it's getting exciting.

Episode 173 - Roughly Handling My Sandwich

Hey, we're back!  Oh and the LCBO didn't go on strike!

We went to London to visit my family, have a birthday party for me, but, much more importantly, go to the Ontario Miniature Print Exhibition.  It was really good!  Isabelle had a piece in the show, and the people there were really great.  They were really happy Isabelle came all the way from Sault Ste. Marie.  I don't think they cared about me.  The artist who was judged to have the best prints gave a talk, and it was really good.

So there was this guy in the grocery store who was impatient and rushing around.  So, I called him 'pal' condescendingly and he stopped bother me.  He still acted like a twit to others though.

Isabelle got something to eat at the store, but they didn't scan for points, controversy ensued.

I'm off the MMPR next weekend, so I'm not sure when the next one will be out.

Oh, yeah, I'll be on the Damned Fine Podcast (about Twin Peaks) this Sunday.