Episode 187 - You're Not Being Judgemental, I Am.


Back to the normal Saturday shopping.

Eye update, no change.

We've got a big week coming up, it's Maddie's MSc convocation, so a mid week trip to London is in order.

Isabelle has been having lots of visits with artists.  They come by her studio space and offer their thoughts on her work.  Some have a sort of ideological approach.  I find that crazy.  Of course, what the hell do I know.

It is way too warm for this time of year.

Hey, Yooper, you can hear me get the Pernod today!

Episode 186 - Earlierist


So, tomorrow, which is our normal shopping and recording time, Isabelle is making a drum.  So, we went today, Friday.

I took the bus down to where her studio space is, at 180 Projects.  You can see a picture of her on the left there.  

So, what are the demographics of Friday shopping?  It skews old, and slow.

An artist Isabelle is into is coming to town next week, so that's pretty exciting.

We've been watching The Orville, which we like, Star Trek: Discovery, which we like, and, The Leftovers, which we like but find disturbing.

Jon's a big Greyhounds fan, and can't miss a pregame show.

Episode 185 - Old Agenog


First off, eye update.  95 percent.

Our fridge is full of bottles of various sauces.  I culled the herd today.  As an aside, I don't trust people who don't have crowded fridges.

The eggnog is supposed to be there, it is supposed to age.  Really.  That picture there is from an article on Serious Eats where they aged egg nog.  

Hey, it's our Thanksgiving episode!  Hard to know if I'll do the turkey tomorrow or the next day.

Isabelle is getting on fine setting up her studio space.  She has tools, she goes to Home Depot.  I go grocery shopping.  21st century people we are.