Episode 213 - Forgetting Curve


As is my new custom, I'm writing this before we go out.  I'll add specific later.  

It's actually spring!  I'm going to guess that by the time we're recording it is 6C.  We'll check on that.

I handed in my last set of marks on Thursday, so that's good.  Isabelle had her final show as a student this past week as well.   The university president came to the show, and was really into it, which we liked a lot.

Isabelle received an award, the first one that honours her dear friend Pat.  Pretty cool.

Hey IT WAS 6 DEGREES.  It is now about 12 as I type this.  Scored some propane, and some steaks. 

I really want to buy a new bike.

Isabelle can't remember things.  Hence the title.

Episode 212 - Serendipitous Village


As is my custom, I'm writing this before we go shopping.  So I don't know what we're going to talk about, or what clever title we'll come up with, or what photo to add.  I can say that we're under a HEAVY SNOWFALL WARNING.  What the fuck is up with that?  As we usually start out with the weather, we'll likely get to that.  Other than that, look, I don't know what we'll talk about ok?

Yup, we talked about the weather.

Isabelle went off to Value Village while I shopped and found the picture you see above.  It turns out that there is a family connection there, so much of our conversation was about that.

Episode 211 - Isabelleanddavebridge Analytica

Every year I take this same picture at CO3

Every year I take this same picture at CO3

So, I'm back from my trip to the states for the annual meeting of the Comparative Cognition Society.  It was a really good time.  I saw some killer talks.  I also chaired my session with an iron fist.  Pus, old friends.  Of course, Air Canada canceled my flight on the way there, because, you know, Air Canada.

Oh yeah, so that's why this one is on a Monday, I was in the USA until yesterday when I returned from deep behind enemy lines.

We're hopeful that a strike at the University can be avoided.  I'm actually cautiously optimistic on this.

We talked a bit about the Cambridge Analytica thing.

Oh and Isabelle did some great impressions of people from France.