Episode 232 - Eye Fire and Arm Pain


It’s Saturday!

Don’t worry, my eye is fine, the title refers to something we said in the podcast.

We’re now into the school year proper, things are getting into a routine, and that is good.

As Isabelle progresses in her collaborative project with Jon she has been looking back on when Jon was little and we were confused by this agency and that one. It was like we were in the emergency room for 5 years or so.

Isabelle got another grant done.

People were reasonable in the grocery store today.

Episode 231 - I've Been Waiting Five Minutes


Well that's one week of school down, just twelve left to go!

Seems like a nice day today, here's hoping everything grocery shopping wise also goes well.

Isabelle talked a bit about her experiences with typewriters.  Plus, how she once won an award for writing, and another time she won an award for writing but the typist took credit!  

Are there still typists?

A person behaved horribly in the grocery store.  I was not impressed.




Episode 230 - Highway Through Isabelle's Mind


Hey, It's Maddie's birthday!  She's 25, we're old.

Seems a little stormy today, we'll see how that plays out.

Friend of the show and Best Episode Ever compatriot Greg David sent us some Wynona Earp (for Jon) and Highway Through Hell stuff (for Isabelle).

Oh, Isabelle we have to go to the beer store.

School starts up soon, so Isabelle bought some hats and t shirts for Jon.  And an electric pencil sharpener.  And some antlers.

Don't forget, we have to go to the beer store