Episode 239 - Superficial Points of Propriety


So light snow today. It’s not sticking to the ground so that’s cool. Also, Isabelle had our snow tires put on yesterday, so, well, she’s psychic obviously.

So, Isabelle is wearing her gloves that Greg David gave her!

Our legal marijuana arrived on Monday.

There are texts, then there are emergency sewing texts.

We’ve been watching the Romanoffs, which we both like.

We watched episode 1 of season 6 of House of Cards, which led both to the title of today’s episode, and to a pretty good discussion.

Episode 238 - The Trendy Thing of the Year Becomes Something Else


It’s the time of year when the weather is shitty.

As an update on last week’s instalment, we don’t yet have our government bought marijuana, but will get it Monday. We also bought Jon a mattress that comes Tuesday.

Today we bought a new vacuum! It’s a Dyson. Isabelle is enjoying using it as I type this.

People are overly paranoid about crossing the border.

We use google at work, which presents challenges now and then.

Episode 237 - Frazzled


So, marijuana became legal this week. So that’s a thing. It’s oddly normalized already. Indeed, I’ve seen someone smoking a joint at a bus stop.

Isabelle had a weird experience this week that brought back a flood of bad old memories and experiences.

I was in Toronto for about 22 hours Wednesday and Thursday for a meeting of the Council of Ontario Universities.