Episode 243 - Unis + Diversité


Hey it’s Canadian National Day of Podcasting!

Isabelle is off to stick it to the man. The man being the provincial government, who decided to cancel a planned francophone university in Toronto. I’m quite sure many conservative voters don’t care about the French fact in Ontario (or Canada frankly). Indeed, I know people from all over the political spectrum in this province who feel that way. Then again, a PC MPP quit the caucus over the French language funding cuts too.

Good luck Isa. Go get ‘em.

Episode 242 - Isabelle, Don't Weave!


We’re going shopping a day early because Isabelle has a big weekend ahead of her. She’s got a bunch of cool cow themed ornaments for sale at a craft show, plus, she’ll show her paintings.

It’s the end of the term and I’m marking essays. I wrote a blog post about things I hate in essays. I’m going to lots of meetings.

The patriarchy is a thing.

The grocery store renovations are almost done.

Isabelle made a hair ribbon, it’s cute.

Isa is trying to connect with the local French community, and with francophone artists, which is pretty great.

Episode 241 - Frenchsperiences


So, it is cold out, and the snow is here to stay.

The term is coming to an end, and Isabelle has a cold.

Jon is off to the Santa Claus parade today, he loves that sort of thing. He’ll be on the float for his school.

The government of Ontario has cut funding for French speaking services in the provinces. Thanks! Oh and canceled the development of a French university in Toronto, thanks again!

Isabelle will be interviewed on Radio Canada about being an artist. This should lead to a three picture deal and lots of fame.