Episode 245 - Christmas Tree Special 2018


This is the fourth time we’ve gone to get a tree. Well, I mean, it isn’t the fourth time we’ve got a tree, but the fourth time we’ve done that and recorded it.

A couple of years ago we figured out that it was pretty easy to put the tree in the bak of the car. So we’ll do that again.

We culled our old ornaments yesterday. We had some old ones…

I can’t drink egg nog while decorating the tree today, because I have to be on another podcast later today.

Episode 244 - Phone Networking


Snowy, Christmasy.

Isabelle is sort of energized by the recent events surrounding French language rights in the province. She’s meeting all kinds of new people in the Francophone community, and reconnecting with old ones.

The grocery store is a thousand degrees.

This time of year is a bit nuts, but in a good way.

Expect our annual Christmas tree getting episode soon!

It’s marking season. And grant review season. And article review for a journal season.

Episode 243 - Unis + Diversité


Hey it’s Canadian National Day of Podcasting!

Isabelle is off to stick it to the man. The man being the provincial government, who decided to cancel a planned francophone university in Toronto. I’m quite sure many conservative voters don’t care about the French fact in Ontario (or Canada frankly). Indeed, I know people from all over the political spectrum in this province who feel that way. Then again, a PC MPP quit the caucus over the French language funding cuts too.

Good luck Isa. Go get ‘em.