Episode 255 - Strata of Snowbanks


So, the crazy cold is over.

However, the crazy amount of snow is here as you can see in the picture.

Our neighbour, Doug, snowblowed our driveway yesterday, he shall receive the Order of Lenin for this!

Isabelle was in Toronto being the rural juror. She stayed at a cool hipster boutique hotel.

There was, sadly, a kid killed by her father this week in Toronto. There was an Amber Alert about it. SOME PEOPLE GOT UPSET BY THIS BECAUSE IT DISRUPTED THEIR SLEEP! The technical term for people like this is ‘asshole’.

Remember when you were a kid and you dug tunnels into snowbanks? That was probably not that safe when you think about it.

Episode 254 - Hot Coated


OK, now for the weather update……

It’s not so cold, but we had freezing rain, and a LOT of snow yesterday. Jon dows not want to accept any help shovelling, which is odd.

Isabelle’s group at 180 Projects (it’s not 'her group per se, but I can’t think of another way to express this) hosted an opening this week. It went well. There was a report about it on Radio Canada, as it was the first francophone art exhibit in the city since 1987.

The roads are a mess.

There was a fire last week downtown, big doings afoot.

I bought us a new shovel, because one of our snow shovels broke.

I had a fun encounter with an International student on the bus.

Episode 253 - It's Not a Vespa



It’s been an eventful week. They’re sorta kinda putting in my windows. Isabelle continues to art a lot.

She’s hosting, I guess is the right word, an art exhibit next week. As well she’s going to be on a jury for the OAC.

Boy, pushing a cart in the grocery store parking lot was not easy. They don’t handle like Ferraris.

We met our across the street neighbour. Good guy, told us our trunk was open.