Episode 263 - Looms To Spare With George Washington's Tights


We’re back, and boy has the weather changed! It’s NICE OUT. We’re biking again, and it’s awesome.

Isabelle was in Halifax to see her friend’s MFA show. The weather there was awful and she had a three hour delay. Then our friend Jackie picked her up.

I was in Florida (and our friend Ken drove me to the airport). All my flights, for a change, were fine. But, Maddie was there and things didn’t go as well for her. She got stuck at customs and missed her flight. That said, eventually she got there and gave a great talk.

The other day in the store a guy commented on my pants. It was odd.

Isabelle is giving her table top loom (we’ve got like more than one loom……) to a friend.

Episode 262 - A Quilted Patchwork of Downtowns


Hey, why is this out so early? Well, because Isabelle has singing practice. Also, this one’s a little shorter than usual because I went to the LCBO yesterday.

I think spring might be here! Then again, yesterday smelled a lot like Christmas.

The term is over. I’m pretty excited about that.

Isabelle’s trip to Halifax is coming up. Then it’s my trip to Florida. So, there might not be an episode next week. In fact almost certainly there won’t be.

Isabelle went to Sudbury recently. She reports that it feels like lots of places patched together. That is because it is! ‘Greater Sudbury’ (which sounds ominous to me) was created I think at the end of the 90s. It’s the biggest, by area, city in Canada.

Episode 261 - The Asteroid Field of Potholes


The melt is real, real ugly that is.

Still, the idea that spring is coming and the winter is over is attractive. It was about 0C when we shopped.

Look, I know we talk a lot about the potholes, but fuck, I mean, there are potholes that you’d have to get Evel Knievel to build you a ramp to negotiate. That, as an aside, is likely the most poorly constructed sentence I’ve ever written.

The term is almost over, thank whatever deity or non deity you wish.

In a couple of weeks I’m off to Florida and just before that Isa will be on her way to Halifax.