Episode 267 - I Don't Want To Be Comic Book Guy


So, Isabelle was away this weekend so no grocery cast.

Today is a holiday, so we thought, hey nothing will be open. Then the Metro app said that our close to us grocery store would be open. LIAR.

So we drove around and talked about stuff, as we do. I did drop in to the Circle K to pick up some cream and some eggs. Isabelle may be doing a solo shopping trip tomorrow. We’ll end up with 24 kinds of lettuce and no meat.

I had my last trip to COU this past week as well. It was sad leaving that group in a way. I won’t miss the travel though.

Episode 266 - Purple Crayon Industrial Complex


OK, I’m writing this about 15 hours before we go grocery shopping.

It’s supposed to be nice this weekend, here’s hoping we can do some bike riding.

I have my last Council of Ontario Universities meeting this coming week. As well, Isabelle will be off to North Bay this week.

Now it is the day of recording (Saturday) and it is really nice out if a bit chilly. It will be warmer later, might be bike time.

Isabelle’s profile has been accepted by the Canada Arts Council. That’s the final step in letting her apply for such grants. Quite cool.

The people in the LCBO are funny.

Episode 265 - Forty Four


It it ever a nice day! It’s supposed to go up to 17 today. Here’s hoping it goes up even higher. That said, I’m typing this well before we go and it is currently -1C.

We finished our Battlestar Galactica watch through. A character said ‘do your job’ 44 times.

I’ve brought a computer back to the world of the living. Pretty nice.

Isabelle will be returning to cow questing shortly.

We’re hoping that the weather holds. Looks like a good bike riding day. Hopefully it won’t just rain and rain and rain all week, but we fear it might.