Episode 278 - Shopping Under the Heat Dome


This weekend is the anniversary not only of Isabelle’s birth, but of men landing on the moon.

While yes, we did record last night and release a podcast special for Isabelle’s birthday this morning, we still had to shop. Look, we record when we shop ok?

Isabelle was gallery sitting again today, but she only had one person come by.

Isabelle is hoping to get John Meadows up to show his photography with old timey cameras.

Jon stayed by himself last night, which is a big deal.

Isabelle has a drone!

Heat dome really just means it’s hot out.

Episode 277 - isabirthday


So it’s Isabelle’s birthday as I type this (July 19th).

So went out for dinner

We were, oddly, the youngest couple in the place.

Many of them seemed like they might be Seinfeld’s parents’ friends.

Turns out there was some sort of golf tournament in town or something.

Oh and Jon stayed at home overnight by himself for the first time which is sort of a milestone.