Episode 287 - Work is Like Jail


Hey, a Friday one. It’s easier to shop on Fridays, the selection is better, and, early in the term I don’t really have to go in on Fridays and neither does Isabelle, so, Friday it is!

It’s our first real week of the term, and I’m wiped. I’ll get back used to it, but right now, man. I fell asleep in two minutes last night according to my sleep app.

Looks like Jon and his classmates are starting a sort of baking business through their field school, pretty neat.

We bought meatless burgers last week and they were ok. Isabelle actually prefers them to dead animals. I don’t, though they were pretty good.

Episode 286 - Happy Birthday Dad


So today would have been my Dad’s 76th birthday. Happy birthday Dad!

Jon’s off to a high school football game today, even though his school no longer has football (thanks Ford!)

Our university has it’s biggest ever incoming class. It’s the same thing for the local college. Exciting times.

I bought impossible burgers. We had them for lunch, I can tell you it is pretty damned close to the real thing.

Isabelle is always ‘beside the Cart Park’ and I always know where she is. Oddly, there are four cart parks. But, I always know which one she means.

Grad school friends are friends forever.

Episode 285 - Sculptresses and Caprtentrixes


Man, it was five degrees when I woke up! That said, it warmed up to the point that I shouldn’t have worn the hoodie I had on.

The term starts next week.

Maddie has been in town. We’re having a little birthday get together for her today.

Jon came with us today, so there’s a sort of mini Jon files in this episode.

Isabelle is, as usual, working on a grant.

A few colleagues have taken early retirements, that’ll change things up at work.