Episode 247 - Shiny Holiday Moms

Six years ago today we were i a special level of hell

Six years ago today we were i a special level of hell

OK, so I was looking through that facebook ‘On This Day’ deal and found a picture from 2012. It turns out that 2012 had the same December we currently have, meaning December 22 was on a Saturday. Well, let’s see how that looked. You can see in the photo that it was a nightmare. OK, my hope, as I type this, is that it is not that bad, but I fear it may be worse. At least the renovations are done at the grocery store.

I’m sure the liquor store will be fine.

Actually a bit better this year.

Actually a bit better this year.

Hey, Maddie is in town!

We are beta testing a new podcasting app, Backpack Studio, the successor to Bossjock. Well, it crashed and we lost our first segment. So, I guess I’ll file a bug report….

We’re going to make art this afternoon. Me, Isabelle, Jon, Maddie and Ross. It will be inspired by Ross’s Mom Tammy who died a little over a year ago.

The grocery store was a nightmare, and holy crap is it hot in there.

The LCBO was not as bad.

Isabelle might be having a show soon!

Christmas Eve is our own tradition. Each of us makes a dish or two. This year it’s tapas.

Merry Christmas to all of you from the Michaud-Brodbeck family.

Episode 245 - Christmas Tree Special 2018


This is the fourth time we’ve gone to get a tree. Well, I mean, it isn’t the fourth time we’ve got a tree, but the fourth time we’ve done that and recorded it.

A couple of years ago we figured out that it was pretty easy to put the tree in the bak of the car. So we’ll do that again.

We culled our old ornaments yesterday. We had some old ones…

I can’t drink egg nog while decorating the tree today, because I have to be on another podcast later today.

Episode 197 - We Wish You Whatever


It is our last episode before Christmas.  So we are on our way to shop, it should be a complete nightmare of nightmarish proportions (this is just a guess, as I am typing this before we go).  If I don't make it back, send out a search party, and I'll pop green smoke.

We made it back, and at the same time that we would normally get back, which should give you an idea about how long it took.

It actually wasn't that bad.  I mean it wasn't that good either.

Groceries were expensive, let's say it is good we had 280 000 PC points and leave it at that.  Then I got double charged at the LCBO, but that got fixed.

Rachel always sends us a nice e card during the Holidays, and it is really appreciated.

Merry Christmas to all of you.