Episode 180 - Post Ottawapocalypse


So we went on a trip to Ottawa to look after some friends' dogs, and to hang in Ottawa what with the national capital things and such.

So I got REALLY FUCKING SICK.  Like, bad flu, haven't been this sick in 22 years (yes, I've kept count).  I'm getting over it now.

THEN OUR CAR BROKE DOWN.  Yeah, Broken Area etc.  Look if you need a Motel to stay in in Deep River, I can tell you where not to stay.  I can also say that the guys at Everitt's Service Station were top notch, thanks a lot to them.

ISABELLE GOT THE JOB.  I'm using  a lot of capitals this week.  So it is pretty exciting chez Michaud-Brodbeck.

So this is just a short one, no LCBO run today.

See you Saturday for a regular episode.

Episode 36 - We Have A Winner

OK, first off, Scarborough Dude won the contest.

Next, we had another fire, and Isabelle tried to turn me into a Pompeii dead guy.

Finally, we did our post election 'analysis' of the Ontario provincial election.