Episode 270 - Grocery Shopping is a Competitive Environment


Hey, a day early!

Well, tomorrow is convocation, so we don’t want to be pressed for time and all.

HOLY SHIT IT MIGHT BE SUMMER! It’s really nice out.

Happily, unlike the day before convocation last year, we didn’t get involved in an accident.

Isabelle just help put on a great art show by kids in the program Jon is in at his high school. It was a real success.

I’m just saying, it’s warm.

MMPR is going to be fun, Isabelle is going to meet a lot of new people.

Episode 269 - Matching Pickups


Looks like another nice day. A tad chilly as I write this, but it should warm up.

Jon claims that he’s coming with us today, let’s see if that happens. If so, well, I hope he participates.

We left a little later than usual, so that explains why we’re releasing this a little later than usual.

Isabelle needs gloves for gardening.

I hate lawns.

Pickup trucks as far as the eye can see!

Episode 267 - I Don't Want To Be Comic Book Guy


So, Isabelle was away this weekend so no grocery cast.

Today is a holiday, so we thought, hey nothing will be open. Then the Metro app said that our close to us grocery store would be open. LIAR.

So we drove around and talked about stuff, as we do. I did drop in to the Circle K to pick up some cream and some eggs. Isabelle may be doing a solo shopping trip tomorrow. We’ll end up with 24 kinds of lettuce and no meat.

I had my last trip to COU this past week as well. It was sad leaving that group in a way. I won’t miss the travel though.