Episode 260 - Potholecast


Looks like it will be a high of 5C today preettttty niiiiiice.

So, the honours thesis talks were yesterday. I had a fun, if very long, day.

Also JON TURNED 18! He’s quite enamoured with the idea of being an adult. Who could blame him?

We’ve made it through February and much of March. I’m not going to lie, this winter was a battle. However, we are now in the tunnel and now can see light.

Isabelle is off to Sudbury for a quick trip this week.

Episode 251 - Chakotay


Yes, I know I harp on the weather in these things. I guess it is because our summers are so short and our winters long and at times REALLY COLD. It’s so cold the my colleague Jenn and I, who I’m doing a field research project with, told our student assistants not to observe the birds until Tuesday. As I told them ‘we aren’t paying you enough fo you to die.

We went pretty late today. Isabelle had a really big day yesterday (which you hear about a bit), and we had nothing big on this afternoon, so we went later, and Jon came along. He hadn’t seen the renovations to the grocery store, so he got to see them.

I’m no fan of Voyager, though, it has its decent episodes. It’s more the characters being inconsistent for me, especially Janeway. Also, what nation did Chakotay belong to?

True Detective is back as is ST:Discovery.

Episode 214 - Metacasting


Yup, writing before we go again.

Isabelle chose at least one song today, so see if you can guess which one it was.  Might be more than one, as noted, we haven't recorded yet.

I got a new bike.  That pleases me, and it will probably come up.


You probably don't know this, but Isabelle is the anti fun.

Lots of potential good titles today, I hope you liked the one I used.

Isabelle was having trouble getting her seatbelt on because she was wearing many layers of sweaters and what have you.  We took a picture of one of those items so you can see it for yourself.

Hey at the LCBO they were handing out free shots of vodka.  So that's a thing.  I remarked to the woman who was slinging the drinks that it was the earliest in the day that I have ever drank vodka.  She deadpanned to me 'I doubt that'.  Pretty good stuff.

Isabelle put in a grant proposal.  It is a pretty cool idea.  She bought an old typewriter, and she types.  Then Jonathan types.  It sounds pretty cool.  The sound of the typewriter reminds me of the olden days.