Episode 285 - Sculptresses and Caprtentrixes


Man, it was five degrees when I woke up! That said, it warmed up to the point that I shouldn’t have worn the hoodie I had on.

The term starts next week.

Maddie has been in town. We’re having a little birthday get together for her today.

Jon came with us today, so there’s a sort of mini Jon files in this episode.

Isabelle is, as usual, working on a grant.

A few colleagues have taken early retirements, that’ll change things up at work.

Episode 230 - Highway Through Isabelle's Mind


Hey, It's Maddie's birthday!  She's 25, we're old.

Seems a little stormy today, we'll see how that plays out.

Friend of the show and Best Episode Ever compatriot Greg David sent us some Wynona Earp (for Jon) and Highway Through Hell stuff (for Isabelle).

Oh, Isabelle we have to go to the beer store.

School starts up soon, so Isabelle bought some hats and t shirts for Jon.  And an electric pencil sharpener.  And some antlers.

Don't forget, we have to go to the beer store

Episode 188 - My Clamps Are Limited


So we had an eventful week.

We went down to London to watch Maddie get her MSc.  Stayed with my Mom which was pretty great, and also ordered Chinese food, which I have a thing for.

The convocation itself was truly excellent.  UWO know how to do this.  Frankly, it is way better than ours at AU  (which is pretty good, but Western's is just better).  The band played them on to the Olympic anthem, which was great.  Oh and they played the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme when they were leaving, then, Sweet Georgia Brown.

They don't have the full video up yet, but they do have the honorary degree speech, which you can see here:

I'll post a link to the part where Maddie gets her degree when it is up.

Halloween is coming, which means I have to hide candy from Isabelle and Jon....

Isabelle bought some wood for her work (you can see the pic above) and she explained more about her final project.