Episode 240 - Disgustingly Boring and Stupid


I fear this is the snow that stays until April.

Isabelle went to Sudbury yesterday with a friend to see some art. Specifically, the work of Benjamin Chee Chee. I’ve seen the pictures, it looks pretty great.

I was in meetings all day about a new initiative at work.

Remembrance Day is tomorrow. It is the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. It is also a day about the dead, not a day about ‘honouring those in uniform’. (To be clear, I have no problem with honouring those in uniform, it’s just not what November 11 is about). I also don’t care if it is now officially about that, I am a traditionalist.

We talked a bit about TV in our childhoods. Canadian TV was horrible then.

Episode 219 - Orange Panted Wooden Men


Hey, a day early!

i’m back from a meeting and Isabelle has a thing tomorrow. 

the Americans series finale was outstanding.  

Convocation is next week so that’s coming no up too. 

The grocery store was a nightmarish hellscape today, yet, the LCBO was great.  I wonder what the LCBO mission statement is?

I'm going to be nice at convocation, no jokey jokes.


Episode 200 - Tortilla Pillows


Wow, we've done 200 of these.  Add that to 117 Broca's Areas and you've got a number.

We were saddened this week to hear of the death of Dolores O'Roirdan.  She was the lead singer of the Cranberries.  Perhaps, well to us anyway, more importantly, she worked closely with my brother Dan since 2003,  Forty-six is too young.

Isabelle has a mid term sort of thing tomorrow (which is why we recorded today).  She'll get input from her profs about her final project.

I'm still sick.

We went to the LCBO for the first time this year!