Episode 271 - Graphic Abstraction


Hey, we’re back.

Our buddy Ken has moved on to Queen’s university, good luck Ken.

The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup! I’m pretty happy about this because of my friend Tom, he’s a Blues fan. Also, I hate the Bruins.

The Raptors won the NBA, I’m less pleased with that.

Jon had his prom yesterday, and we went on a date!

Isabelle’s friend has opened a coffee shop, and her art is there.

It’s June 15, and, it’s only nine degrees.

Episode 227 - Squeaky Mouthfeel


No, not that Squeaky.....

We're back from our whirlwind tour of Quebec and Ontario!  That means back to our regular routine too.

ISABELLE GOT AN ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL GRANT.  This is a big deal.  She will be doing collaborative work with Jon!  You may know Jon from such podcasts as 'The Jonathan Files'.

There was a cute kid in the store.  I got the slowest cashier ever, she's very nice though.

Hey, the fire ban has been lifted, maybe we'll have a backyard fire tonight!


Sadly, they had no cheese curds at the store, so no poutine.  

What foods have a unique mouthfeel?  Like cheese curds that squeak?

Episode 222 - Anniversary 3.0


I'm writing this while sitting across from Isabelle early in the morning.  She doesn't know that, and you probably don't care. Hey, remember that TV show 'Room 222'?  I'm not sure I ever watched that.  I'm clearly just filling up space right now, I'm sure I'll have something much more interesting to add later.  I hope so anyway, this is horrible......


So we didn't record in the car yesterday, but instead, went 'old school' and got the mics out in the 'podcasting studio' that is also Maddie's old room.

You may know that rooms from such podcasts as Best Episode Ever, MMVH and Spit and Twitches.

Today is the 30th anniversary of us meeting!  It is the day that we celebrate as our anniversary, rather than our wedding one.

We talked about a lot of different stuff, much of it reflecting on the last 30 years, and some of it about the future.  It's all inspired by the day though.

Oh and Happy Canada Day!