Episode 152 - CNDOP

So, it is the Canadian National Day of Podcasting again!

Well, Jon and I know about that, so we recorded a little something on November 30 on our way to school/work.

We talked about what Jon likes about podcasting, about his current school year and made predictions on when the school bus would arrive.  He was right by the way, 8:06 on the button....


Episode 99 - The Canadian National Day of Joncasting

Wow, Jon has done 99 of these things!

Of course Jon right away knew it was CNDOP so we had to record.  We were going to record on the way in to school, while walking as usual.  However, there were nast snow squalls, so Isabelle drove us.

Episode 61 - Jon Reviews Hunger Games Catching Fire for Canadian National Day of Podcasting

Jon, the Scarborough Dude and I went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

So what do you think Jon gave it out of five?

So what do you think Jon gave it out of five?

Jon of course has his review, but I would give it 3.5.  Dude gives it 3.8

We talked a bit about other stuff as well, such as what Jon likes about podcasting and how much fun he has doing them.