Episode 150 - Confucius: The Movie

We went out for dinner tonight, and on the way home Jon wanted to record

First off, today Jon used Garageband to create a new theme for his podcast, what do you think?

Then Jon talked about his idea for a movie about Confucius.  He's been interested in this for quite a while.

We had fun recording as we always do, and this time Isabelle is also on the podcast.  We hope you like it.


Episode 72 - Jon Reviews Winter's Tale

So Jon went to see 'Winter's Tale' this weekend.  Critics have panned it, not Jon, but to find out what he gave it, you have to listen in.

Episode 68 - Jon Reviews Jack Ryan


So we just got back from Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit (actually we are still
In the car, and I am posting this with my phone...) and we recorded as soon as we came out.

Jon loved it, giving it a 5 out of 5. I liked it a lot going with a 4 out of 5.

Jon also has an MLP idea with Liam Neeson, I will leave that where it is.....

Episode 67 - Jon Reviews Frozen

So Jon went to see 'Frozen' which is appropriate, as it was -25 on our walk to school.  Jon gave it his review, which was 1/5, he did not like the sad bits.

We also talked about movie ideas, MLP and other Jon related items.

After we stopped recording Jon asked for the closing song.

Episode 61 - Jon Reviews Hunger Games Catching Fire for Canadian National Day of Podcasting

Jon, the Scarborough Dude and I went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

So what do you think Jon gave it out of five?

So what do you think Jon gave it out of five?

Jon of course has his review, but I would give it 3.5.  Dude gives it 3.8

We talked a bit about other stuff as well, such as what Jon likes about podcasting and how much fun he has doing them.

Episode 59 - Jon Reviews Ender's Game

Hard to beat Harrison Ford in anything....

Hard to beat Harrison Ford in anything....

Jon and I went to see Ender's Game on the weekend and had a pretty good time.  I am writing this before we record but I am going to go out on a limb and say he gives in 3/5.  I would give it a 3.5 myself.

Jon of course talked about the previews we saw, including 47 Ronin, I Frankenstein and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

We then talked about some odd MLP stories that he is working on.

One day I will get him to not give a movie 3 out of 5, I swear.

Episode 52 - Jon Reviews Gravity

We were on our way to school and of course Jon saw a movie on the weekend.  The movie, Gravity.  He liked it, he seemed to especially like Sandra Bullock's performance, though he said she was better in The Heat. 

Of course we got to Jon's rating and he gave it 4 out of 5.  Kidding, he gave it 3....

I guess with these on he sees in 4D....

I guess with these on he sees in 4D....

We talked a bit about upcoming films Jon wants to see and the previews he saw.  We would both like to see The Monuments Men when it comes out. 

We talked some about elevators as well, but, I must admit during those bits I am completely at a loss.  I couldn't tell the difference between a Dover and an Otis if you paid me... 

Episode 50 - Jon Reviews Captain Phillips


Today Jon and I went to see Captain Phillips.  Wow.

Yesterday we tried to go see Rush, but the audio was screwed up and we could not hear the voices.  Thankfully the folks at Galaxy Cinema made it right, refunded our money and also gave us passes for another movie, so as mentioned, today we saw Captain Phillips. 

Now, I would give it 4.24/5 I think.  Jon, of course, gave it 3/5, laughingly.   

We then recorded some stuff on the bus, the packed bus where we had to wait a while to sit down.  Anyway, we had a great time today, and Jon and I hope you like this episode. 

Episode 13 - You Know What This One Is About

An AtlasJet Boeing 757, photo credit to  Arcturus

An AtlasJet Boeing 757, photo credit to Arcturus

Both Jon and I have been really sick in the past few days, but now we are both better, and ready to podcast.  Of course Jon wanted to talk about his latest movie ideas and a couple of made up plane crashes.  I, frankly, am glad we are both not sick any more, or at least not so sick that we cannot podcast.  By the way, he actually had me convinced that there was a place in Vietnam called Pingu....