Episode 166 - Jon Reviews The Incredibles 2


So, Jon saw another film with his buddy Daniel.

Turns out that there's a pretty cool soundtrack as well.

Jon really liked it, giving it his standard rating. 

Jon's class is having another BBQ at his teacher's house.  Jon's teacher is a saint of some sort I imagine.

We both hope you like this instalment.



Episode 93 - Campcast and a Review of the Expendables 3

We just got back from another camping trip to Agawa Bay at Lake Superior Provincial Park.

This is probably our last camping trip of the year, as Jon starts school on Tuesday and I start teaching the following Monday.  So, we thought why not talk about the Expendables 3, which Jon recently saw with Isabelle.  

Oh I think we all know what he gave it out of five......

Episode 90 - Jon Reviews Guardians of the Galaxy

We went to Guardians of the Galaxy today and here is Jon's review.  I will say this is the best thing the two of us have seen since Captain Phillips.

Episode 72 - Jon Reviews Winter's Tale

So Jon went to see 'Winter's Tale' this weekend.  Critics have panned it, not Jon, but to find out what he gave it, you have to listen in.