Episode 63 - Happy New Year

Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon...

Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon...

Well it is December 31 and the year is almost done o Jon and I thought we would do a New Year's Eve podcast.  

We talked a bit about what Jon got for Christmas, including the shirt he is wearing in the picture there, from the video podcast 'Epic Meal Time'.

Jon of course talked some My Little Pony.  I tried to get him, once again, to explain why he likes it, but the best I could do was that he likes one of the characters....

We both hope you have a great 2014

Episode 15 - Say Yes to Revenge

"Can we do another podcast please?"

"Can we do another podcast please?"

You know, I swear like every day Jon says to me "can we record an episode of the Jonathan Files on the way home?"  I imagine you have guessed this, what with the frequency of these podcasts.  Anyway, today Jon talked about some more My Little Pony stuff, and about his idea for a Bad Piggies movie.

We both hope you like it.

Episode 6 - My Little Pony Fan Fiction on the Way To School

We always talk on the way to school, so why not record it?  In this episode, Jon talks about My Little Pony fan fiction he is working on and three made up plane crashes.