Episode 177 - Jon Reviews North 82


Out to dinner again!

So Jon of course has his review of North 82. He liked it a lot, giving it 10 chicken fingers out of 10.

Jon’s been pretty busy with various stuff including a dentist visit, and working on his movie and TV show ideas, so he hasn’t yet determined who won his Oscar pool, but that’s coming.

Oh Jon has heard rumours that Wynonna Earp is being canceled. Let’s hope that isn’t true.

Episode 176 - Jon Reviews Montana’s


We went for dinner. A podcast ensued.

Jon had wings as well as deep fried pickles

I had a burger.

Isabelle had deep fried pickles as well as mac and cheese.

Jon was impressed with Montana’s and would give it 10 wings out of 10. He claims it is his favourite restaurant. That said, he claims all of them are his favourite.

Jon has started an Oscars pool. You should enter it!

Episode 158 - Jon Reviews Casey's


So, about a month ago we went to Casey's for dinner.  We had planned to do a Jonathan Files review, but, we kept getting sidetracked by so many other things.

Today though Jon came to visit me at work and then we took the bus to Mac's and walked home.

What a perfect time to record.

Well perfect except that it is unseasonably cold and snowy.

Oh you probably guessed what he gives Casey's out of Five.

Episode 144 - Jon Reviews Burger Don

There's another new burger restaurant in town, so we went.

Of course, we also had our devices, which meant Jon could do a review of the place on the way out.  I thought it was pretty damned good, and man, umm, ok we're all full.

Jon of course rated it out of five, as is his custom.

Hard to believe that this is our first one of the summer.

Jon has been working on odd movie ideas that involve hacking.  I assume the FSB is involved somehow.

Episode 141 - Jon Reviews The Harp Bar and Grill

Every so often we go out with a family friend, and former student of mine, David Gass.  Indeed, he was on an early episode of Broken Area.  Anyway,, last night Isabelle, Jon, David and I went out for dinner at a place called the Harp Bar and Grill.  

Jon's dinner from last night, he's a bit of a food blogger now I think....

Jon's dinner from last night, he's a bit of a food blogger now I think....

It is a pretty standard pub type place.  Jon had chicken wings and fries.  Then he had some of my onion rings.  Then he had some of my burger (which was really good by the way).  Then he didn't feel like recording on the way home because, well, because he had eaten way too much.

Jon really liked the place, I did too.  Jon gave it his standard score.

We talked a bit about super hero movies in this one too.  Jon is into them, I have had just about enough.  I'm old.....

Episode 139 - Jon Reviews Stackburger

We decided to go out tonight for something to eat.  So, of course, Jon decided we should review the restaurant, Stackburger, which is a local place here.  They do, well, I mean burgers obviously.  Sort of a Five Guys thing.

Anyway, let's see what Jon gives it out of five. 

I'm going to guess five, I'm just a risk taker like that.

Episode 89 - Jon Reviews the Gateway Restaurant

We went out for lunch and good times ensued.  You can probably guess what Jon gave the place out of five.....

Of course we hit up EB Games for a PS3 game as well.

As an aside, Jon picks all of the music for the podcasts, kid has decent taste.