Episode 179 - Jon Reviews the Killjoys Finale


Jon never used to watch TV shows. Of course he watched movies, but never TV.

As regular listeners to the podcast know, Jon is a big Wynona Earp fan. He also got into Killjoys. Well it had its finale last week and Jonno loved it.

We’ve missed a whole season (summer) without an episode, so we’ll try to put these out more often.

We talked a bit about our summer too, camping in Michigan, trips to London, spilling Sprite on a MacBook air, stuff like that….


Episode 178 - Jon Reviews How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


Taking a break from the restaurant reviews, Jon’s back at the movie reviews.

Yesterday Jon saw ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’. When he came home he told me he gave it 10 out of 10, so as usual, he liked it.

Jon’s Oscar pool is done, and Michelle Sullivan won! Congratulations Michelle.

The March break is this coming week, so, I’ll check with Jon to see whats sort of stuff he has planned. Right now I can hear him listening to the Greyhounds’ game on the radio.

Episode 177 - Jon Reviews North 82


Out to dinner again!

So Jon of course has his review of North 82. He liked it a lot, giving it 10 chicken fingers out of 10.

Jon’s been pretty busy with various stuff including a dentist visit, and working on his movie and TV show ideas, so he hasn’t yet determined who won his Oscar pool, but that’s coming.

Oh Jon has heard rumours that Wynonna Earp is being canceled. Let’s hope that isn’t true.

Episode 175 - Jon Reviews Ralph Breaks the Internet


Happy New Year everyone!

Jon’s back of course with a movie review.

He just saw ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ with his friend Daniel.

I’m typing this before he goes, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he liked it.

We talked a bit about other stuff too, like what we’ve done over the holidays, that kind of thing.

Oh he also talked, of course, about the trailers he saw, can’t forget that.

We hope you all like the episode.

Episode 174 - Jon Reviews Season 3 of Wynonna Earp


Jon is quite a fan of Wynonna Earp which airs on Space.

Last night the two part season finale was aired.

So we decided to do a Jonathan Files review of the show.

It should also be noted, as it has before on Broken Area, that Jon got an autographed Wynonna Earp graphic novel (or comic book, whatever) from Greg David.

I think this is Jon’s first TV series review.

Episode 173 - Jon Reviews Little Italy


Jon went to see another movie.

It is a movie I didn't even know existed.  He may be beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Then again, maybe it's good.

Anyway, the movie is 'Little Italy' which I've not heard of, a romcom sorta deal.

Let's find out what the boy thinks.

Oh it turns out to be a Canadian movie, who knew?


Episode 172 - Jon Reviews Alpha


Boy, Jon has been busy.

Thats two reviews this week.

This instalment is his review of Alpha.  I had not heard of this movie, and after having read the synopsis on wikipedia, I kinda want to see it.

I am interested in Jonno's thoughts though.

Jon really liked this one.  He says it would be a good family movie, though, there is some violence.




Episode 171 - Jon Reviews Crazy Rich Asians


We're back from our camping trip, and now Jon is back to the movies.

Today it's 'Crazy Rich Asians'.  It is getting great reviews, so I imagine Jon will like it.

(You can probably tell from the tense in that sentence that I'm writing this before he goes)

Ooh he really liked it, says this one should get Oscar consideration.

We also talked a bit about our recent coming trip..

Episode 170 - Jon Reviews Hotel Transylvania 3


It's a busy week for Jon, a busy week of movie going and podcasting.

Today he saw Hotel Transylvania 3.  

It seems to have quite a cast, including Adam Sandler, and other SNL alums.

Jon really liked it, and gave it 10 out of 10, as is his custom.  His friend Daniel gave it 7.

Jon burps in this episode, right in your ears, plus, he rubs his razor tumble on the mic.  Ahh the joys of living with Jon.

Jon says the movie would be good as family entertainment, and that it is not boring like, say, the Emoji Movie....



Episode 169 - Jon Reviews Christopher Robin


So, Jonno just got back from a movie.  Christopher Robin.  Here are his thoughts, in convenient podcast form.

I've neglected to ask him for his ratings lately, so I won't forget this time.

So, it turns out that Jon liked it a lot.  Both he and his friend Daniel give it 10/10.

Of course Jon talked about the various previews he say, and told us more about his movie ideas.




Episode 168 - Vacation Fartcast


We just got back from a nice vacation.  We went to Boucherville, QC and London , On.

We visited family, including Julie, Bernard, Maxime, Mémé, Grandma, Dan, TD, Ross, and of course ,Jon's sister, Maddie (who you may know from the wildly successful Third Degree podcast, available on this site).

Jon was pleased  of course that we stopped for fast food.  I imagine he rated all of the places highly.

We took our bikes with us, so we went on some bike rides as well.

We also shopped at a store with the reddest or orangest floor ever.



Episode 167 - Jon Reviews Ant Man and the Wasp


While I was away at MMPR (The Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables) Jon went to the movies.  Another trip with his friend Daniel.  This time he saw another super hero movie, Ant Man and the Wasp.

I'm typing this before we record, but, my guess is that he really liked it.

I bet we also talk about the movie trailers.

I wonder what Jon will give it out of 5?

Episode 166 - Jon Reviews The Incredibles 2


So, Jon saw another film with his buddy Daniel.

Turns out that there's a pretty cool soundtrack as well.

Jon really liked it, giving it his standard rating. 

Jon's class is having another BBQ at his teacher's house.  Jon's teacher is a saint of some sort I imagine.

We both hope you like this instalment.



Episode 165 - Jon Reviews Avengers Infinity War


I didn't get a rating from Jon on the podcast, but he gives it 9 out of 10.

Anyway, yeah Jon saw Infinity War and liked it as you can see.

Oh look there are spoilers, deal with it.

He's also been working on his ideas over at his blog.

His teacher had a party for the whole class last week, a BBQ for all the kids, pretty nice of her.


Episode 164 - Jon Reviews Deadpool 2


So, Jon went to see Deadpool 2.  Here's his review.  Remember, Jonathan Files reviews are full of spoilers.

Jon also told me about the previews he saw, and there were five of them.  He thinks the new Mission Impossible movie looks good.

Oh he liked Deadpool 2.

He's been putting his movie ideas on his new blog.

Plus, I bought Jon a new bike, and he likes it a lot, though he has fallen once.  Damned city still hasn't cleaned up all of the sand they put out in the winter.


Episode 163 - Jon Reviews Peter Rabbit


This March Break has been great for Jon's podcasting career.

Today he went to see Peter Rabbit.  I had no idea it was some sort of irreverent comedy. Having watched the trailer I think it actually might be funny.  I'll wait for Netflix though...

Jon seems to have liked it which is a good thing.

The movie had a song in it that Jon has been playing for at least a year.  Turns out when you listen to the whole song, and not just one bit of it, it is not that bad a song.

Jon has changed over to a rating scale out of 10 with surprising results.

We got vaguely serious for a second, Jon prefers 'person with autism' to 'autistic'.  Cool.



Episode 162 - Jon Reviews Black Panther


It is March Break week.

Jon went with his friend Daniel to see Black Panther.  Of course, as usual, Jon loved the movie.  I've heard so many great things about the movie, both for it's oh, cultural impact let's say, and because it is supposed to be so good.  I honestly am not really into super heroes, but Jon is.  

He gave it what he gives movies.

Jon also came to one of my classes today and acted goofy, which was fine.

Episode 161 - Jon Reviews Game Night


So we're in Sudbury as Isabelle and some students and faculty from the French department at the university are here for a play.  Jon and I came along.

We're at the Radisson and it is attached to a (somewhat lame) mall.

Well it does have a theatre, so while Isabelle is at the Francoplay, Jon and I went to see Game Night.  As with all Jonathan Files reviews, this thing is full of spoilers.

It was a lot of fun.  It was funny, had some pretty good action and, well, you know what Jonno gave it out of five...

Episode 160 - Jon Reviews Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle


So, it is the holiday season and Jon has taken advantage of that today by going to a movie.  The movie?  Well you probably know from the title here, is the remake or reboot of Jumanji.  Jon says he saw the original, and I don't doubt it.  

Jon really liked it, heck, action / comedy, he's in the target demo.

Of course you know what he gave it.

Jon also talked a bit about Christmas, and stuff he got and what he's been up to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Jon and Me.

Episode 159 - Canadian National Day of Joncasting

I think we used that title before.


So Madeleine is here, Isabelle is back from work, and hey how about a short familycast?

We talked about Jon's recent adventures, his work at the bushplane museum, and a few other things.

Everyone except me was yawning.