Episode 153 - Toronto

So, we just got back from Toronto.

This was Jonathan's first plane trip that he remembers (there were a couple when he was a baby) so it was eventful.

We went to a bunch of different restaurants, and of course to the Art Gallery of Ontario, Jon reviewed them all, out of 5.

We recorded this just before takeoff on our way home.



Episode 152 - CNDOP

So, it is the Canadian National Day of Podcasting again!

Well, Jon and I know about that, so we recorded a little something on November 30 on our way to school/work.

We talked about what Jon likes about podcasting, about his current school year and made predictions on when the school bus would arrive.  He was right by the way, 8:06 on the button....


Episode 151 - Basketball

So Jon really wanted to go watch his school's basketball team play tonight, so we went for a bit.

They started late, so we only watched the first quarter.  We left because it was about a thousand degrees.  Nonetheless, it was good fun.

When we left Jon's school's team was up 18-6.  

We then talked about Jon's day and about a movie idea he had.

Hope you guys like it.

Episode 150 - Confucius: The Movie

We went out for dinner tonight, and on the way home Jon wanted to record

First off, today Jon used Garageband to create a new theme for his podcast, what do you think?

Then Jon talked about his idea for a movie about Confucius.  He's been interested in this for quite a while.

We had fun recording as we always do, and this time Isabelle is also on the podcast.  We hope you like it.


Episode 149 - Overtime

So Jon and I went to see the Greyhounds vs the Ottawa 67s. 

We've had bad luck so far this year as have the 'Hounds at home.  Oddly they haven't lost on the road.

so we recorded this one waiting for Isabelle to pick us up.   Happily the Greyhounds won in OT.  You'll even get the sound of an overtime goal thrown in.

On the left you see the game winning goal being scored, as mentioned in overtime.  It was exciting, and great to see the 'Hounds win in OT, but really, they shouldn't have let Ottawa hang around that long.

Anyway, enjoy.

Episode 148 - The Season Opener

Tonight Jon and I went to the opening game of the 2016-17 OHL season for the hometown Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds.

Plus they got an empty netter right after I took this....

Plus they got an empty netter right after I took this....

This sort of cries out for a Jonathan Files, so, we recorded.

I got a new phone, let's see how it does with the recording and such.....

everything was fine until the third period when Windsor scored 5 unanswered goals. 

Still we had fun.  Oh I swore a couple of times in this one, sorry.....  Update!  It turns out that woman was flashing her lights at Isabelle because she didn't have her lights on, so she was trying to be a good Samaritan, yet, we hate on her in this episode.

Episode 146 - Chi Cheemaun

We recorded this one in our trailer while we were camping.  We're back to having internet now, so I'm posting this.

We took the Chi cheemaun ferry from South Baymouth to Tobermory Ontario and then camped on the Bruce peninsula.  We stayed there for a couple of days and then moved on down to London to visit Maddie and grandma.

The ferry was fun, much smaller than the one we took from Newfoundland, but still it was impressive.

Jon ate on the ferry as well.

As for the song, well I had literally one song on my iPad which we used for this, and the funny thing was I mispronounced the name of the song to hilarious results!

We hope you like this one.

Episode 145 - Jon Reviews Star Trek Beyond

As with all Jonathan Files movie reviews, this is rife with spoilers.  So, SPOILER ALERT.

Yup, after having no episodes all summer, Jon's done two in two days.

So we just saw Star Trek Beyond.

Jon loved it.

I loved it.

Isabelle loved it.

It was really good!

So you know, we had to record a little something.  Anyway, enjoy.

Episode 144 - Jon Reviews Burger Don

There's another new burger restaurant in town, so we went.

Of course, we also had our devices, which meant Jon could do a review of the place on the way out.  I thought it was pretty damned good, and man, umm, ok we're all full.

Jon of course rated it out of five, as is his custom.

Hard to believe that this is our first one of the summer.

Jon has been working on odd movie ideas that involve hacking.  I assume the FSB is involved somehow.

Episode 143 - Jon Reviews Neighbors 2

Well as we all know Jon loves movies.

We also all know Jon gives all of them 5 out of 5, well, except for back when he gave them 3 out of 5, and he did give Gnomeo and Juliet 1 out of 5.  OK, maybe he just likes ALMOST everything.

Anyway, Jon and his pal JC went and saw Neighbours 2 yesterday.  Of course the world needs a Jonathan Files review.

I'm guessing five out of five on this one, hell, it is a Seth Rogen vehicle.....

We recorded this one on the way home, as I met him at his school bus stop.

Jon also lists the probable causes of the recent Egypt Air crash.


Episode 142 - Jon Reviews Money Monster

Today Jon and I went to see Money Monster, the George Clooney/Julia Roberts vehicle.  It looks interesting (I'm writing this before we go) and has gotten fair to middling reviews, with a 55 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here's a guess, Jon will love it, and I will think it was ok.

Hopefully I can get Jon to talk a bit about the movie, the cast and such as well as his recent interest in dubstep and electronic music, which, while I find odd, I think it is a good thing.

We're dedicating this one to our buddy JC.


Episode 141 - Jon Reviews The Harp Bar and Grill

Every so often we go out with a family friend, and former student of mine, David Gass.  Indeed, he was on an early episode of Broken Area.  Anyway,, last night Isabelle, Jon, David and I went out for dinner at a place called the Harp Bar and Grill.  

Jon's dinner from last night, he's a bit of a food blogger now I think....

Jon's dinner from last night, he's a bit of a food blogger now I think....

It is a pretty standard pub type place.  Jon had chicken wings and fries.  Then he had some of my onion rings.  Then he had some of my burger (which was really good by the way).  Then he didn't feel like recording on the way home because, well, because he had eaten way too much.

Jon really liked the place, I did too.  Jon gave it his standard score.

We talked a bit about super hero movies in this one too.  Jon is into them, I have had just about enough.  I'm old.....

Episode 140 - Jon Reviews Batman v Superman

Jon went to see Batman v Superman today.  This is really aimed right at his demographic when you think about it, superheroes, explosions etc.

He really enjoyed it and he gave it his typical rating.

We did this one not on my phone but 'in the studio'.  Partially because I like typing 'in the studio' and partially because we don't have long walks to school any more.  We might once the weather warms up.

We hope you like this one as much as we liked doing it.

Episode 139 - Jon Reviews Stackburger

We decided to go out tonight for something to eat.  So, of course, Jon decided we should review the restaurant, Stackburger, which is a local place here.  They do, well, I mean burgers obviously.  Sort of a Five Guys thing.

Anyway, let's see what Jon gives it out of five. 

I'm going to guess five, I'm just a risk taker like that.

Episode 138 - Jon Reviews Three Art Shows

Jon is branching out and getting cultured.

Jon in front of one of Isabelle's pieces

Jon in front of one of Isabelle's pieces

Yup, we went to three different art events today.  It was quite the whirlwind.  Now Isabelle had a piece in a student show which was where we went first, then it was off to a cafe where Isabelle is showing some stuff, and finally we went to the mall where there is a photo competition.

On the way home we talked about this stuff and about Jon's week, with the March break, with his sister being home and with his new love of the radio.

Episode 137 - Jon Reviews Hail Caesar!

Isabelle, Jon and I went to see hail Caesar tonight.  

So, of course, Jon did a review on the way home in the car.

I'm writing this in the afternoon, and we have not seen it yet, and I am wondering, five out of five again?  Or will Jon not be enamoured of the Coen brothers?

It turns out that Isabelle and I liked it a lot, indeed I think we were the only people in the theatre who picked up on the homages to 1940s movies.  Jon of course loved it.

Episode 136 - Jon Reviews Super Bowl 50

Jon made this his profile pic of Facebook.

Jon made this his profile pic of Facebook.

Well, last night was the Super Bowl.  We watched it along with Isabelle and our friend Ken.

There were snacks.

There was a halftime show.

Jon took lots of pictures of the snacks, and the TV.  I wonder how he rated the game and the snacks and the halftime show?  Of course Jon also loved the commercials, especially the movie trailers.  He's intent on seeing them all.

Today was also the first day of a new semester for Jon.  We talked a bit about that as well.

Episode 135 - Jon Reviews Ride Along 2

We're back, Jon's back, with another movie review.  

I didn't see this one, Jon went to see this one with his friend, who is also named Jon.

I'm writing this blog post a couple of hours before Jonathan gets home from school, but I'm going to guess 5/5 and that we will hear about the trailers.

Oh, we did this one in the podcast studio, outside in the winter is rough on my phone, and of course Jon doesn't have a long walk any more as he just comes from the bus stop.  Plus, I like saying 'in the studio'.

Episode 134 - Jon Reviews Star Wars The Force Awakens


OK, we saw Star Wars the Force Awakens, Jon loved it, I gave it 3.5/5.

Plus, I almost lost my wedding ring during the movie and Jon almost lost his gloves.

Oh, it also snowed a lot here.

Again, there are spoilers, listen at your own risk.

Episode 133 - Jon Reviews The Night Before

Jon is back to reviewing movies.

On our way to the bus stop Jon wanted to review the movie he saw last night, The Night Before.  It is a Seth Rogen movie, so I am sure it had its laughs.  Jon loved it.  Isabelle, who went with Jon, was not as big on it.

Of course Jon mentioned the trailers as well.

We hope you like it.