Episode 215 - Value Added


Seems like it is going to be a nice day.  It's only 7am as I type this, and it is foggy, but that is because it got cold over night and is starting to warm up.  Supposed to hit 17 today.  We got Jonno a new bike, so he and I will go for a ride later.  

I'm back on the university senate!  I voted against a motion to extend.  It was a pretty good session actually, just too long.  We had a guest speaker, Ken Coates, and he was good.  Then we all had a couple of beers afterwards.

Isabelle has her first show as a working artist (not a student one) coming up.  It is with two other people who are friends of hers, one who was briefly on this podcast a few years ago.  It should be pretty great. 

Hope you like this episode.

I also hope you like the picture of me in the hat that Isabelle took.

Oh yeah, there is another Isabelle pick in this episode!

Episode 214 - Metacasting


Yup, writing before we go again.

Isabelle chose at least one song today, so see if you can guess which one it was.  Might be more than one, as noted, we haven't recorded yet.

I got a new bike.  That pleases me, and it will probably come up.


You probably don't know this, but Isabelle is the anti fun.

Lots of potential good titles today, I hope you liked the one I used.

Isabelle was having trouble getting her seatbelt on because she was wearing many layers of sweaters and what have you.  We took a picture of one of those items so you can see it for yourself.

Hey at the LCBO they were handing out free shots of vodka.  So that's a thing.  I remarked to the woman who was slinging the drinks that it was the earliest in the day that I have ever drank vodka.  She deadpanned to me 'I doubt that'.  Pretty good stuff.

Isabelle put in a grant proposal.  It is a pretty cool idea.  She bought an old typewriter, and she types.  Then Jonathan types.  It sounds pretty cool.  The sound of the typewriter reminds me of the olden days.

Episode 213 - Forgetting Curve


As is my new custom, I'm writing this before we go out.  I'll add specific later.  

It's actually spring!  I'm going to guess that by the time we're recording it is 6C.  We'll check on that.

I handed in my last set of marks on Thursday, so that's good.  Isabelle had her final show as a student this past week as well.   The university president came to the show, and was really into it, which we liked a lot.

Isabelle received an award, the first one that honours her dear friend Pat.  Pretty cool.

Hey IT WAS 6 DEGREES.  It is now about 12 as I type this.  Scored some propane, and some steaks. 

I really want to buy a new bike.

Isabelle can't remember things.  Hence the title.