Episode 215 - Value Added


Seems like it is going to be a nice day.  It's only 7am as I type this, and it is foggy, but that is because it got cold over night and is starting to warm up.  Supposed to hit 17 today.  We got Jonno a new bike, so he and I will go for a ride later.  

I'm back on the university senate!  I voted against a motion to extend.  It was a pretty good session actually, just too long.  We had a guest speaker, Ken Coates, and he was good.  Then we all had a couple of beers afterwards.

Isabelle has her first show as a working artist (not a student one) coming up.  It is with two other people who are friends of hers, one who was briefly on this podcast a few years ago.  It should be pretty great. 

Hope you like this episode.

I also hope you like the picture of me in the hat that Isabelle took.

Oh yeah, there is another Isabelle pick in this episode!