Episode 272 - Birthdave


It’s my birthday!

We’d use ‘Happy Birthdave’ but we did last year.

Isabelle is ending That’s Not Art.

This is a day late because Isabelle was visiting her Mom in Quebec and going to a somewhat disappointing Corsican restaurant.

There seems to be a bike race going on.

It’s warm out.

I don’t have much more to say…..

(An earlier version had messed up audio, some dummy left the metronome effect on, fixed now)

Episode 271 - Graphic Abstraction


Hey, we’re back.

Our buddy Ken has moved on to Queen’s university, good luck Ken.

The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup! I’m pretty happy about this because of my friend Tom, he’s a Blues fan. Also, I hate the Bruins.

The Raptors won the NBA, I’m less pleased with that.

Jon had his prom yesterday, and we went on a date!

Isabelle’s friend has opened a coffee shop, and her art is there.

It’s June 15, and, it’s only nine degrees.

Episode 270 - Grocery Shopping is a Competitive Environment


Hey, a day early!

Well, tomorrow is convocation, so we don’t want to be pressed for time and all.

HOLY SHIT IT MIGHT BE SUMMER! It’s really nice out.

Happily, unlike the day before convocation last year, we didn’t get involved in an accident.

Isabelle just help put on a great art show by kids in the program Jon is in at his high school. It was a real success.

I’m just saying, it’s warm.

MMPR is going to be fun, Isabelle is going to meet a lot of new people.