Episode 39 - Xingu is Not a Penguin

Another summer evening, another podcast.

Tonight we lit a bonfire in our backyard fire pit and started podcasting.  As usual we talked about all kinds of stuff.

I just got back from the Marshall McLuhan Podcast Roundtables, an un unconference, in Hamilton Ontario.  I recorded an episode of the Marshall McLuhan Variety Hour and one of Best Episode Ever while I was there.  This was done for the forest time, live in person with my two co hosts.  Isabelle is quite fond of MMD.

We then discussed loss and family and funerals.  Sometimes people act like jerks, and they should not do that.

Isabelle has been taking Portuguese lessons and she gave use a sample of it.  It is a bit of an odd language.  This lead her to talk about a movie she saw on Netflix called 'Xingu'.  It is about the founding of the Zingu National Park in Brazil which is a reserve for nature and the native people who live there.

We hope you like this one.