Episode 85 - Aftermath

So we are here in Toronto and we saw the Turner exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

I think the three of us all got something out of the exhibit.  Jon and I particularly liked looking at his work really close up, and then backing off a bit and seeing something different depending upon how far away we were.

We then saw a bunch of other stuff, I mean how often are we at the AGO?  So we checked out Camera Atomica which is a pretty groovy exhibit of photos and such about the Cold War.  On of Isabelle's profs is in the exhibit which rocks.

Then we saw some Canadian stuff and even got a little talk from a guide, which was great.  Oh and it was about someone who in her early career painted cows!

Finally we got back to the hotel and hung out a bit and just talked about our day and had a drink.  We also of course weighed in on the horrible attacks in Paris. 

Vive La France.