Episode 90 - Not Notable

Ride along with us on another exciting trip to buy food and liquor.

This show probably doesn't exist.  Seriously

This show probably doesn't exist.  Seriously

We started by talking about a strange hoax that I and about 5 other wikipedia editors have uncovered.  Well, hoax might be a tad strong, but it is close.  So there's this dude, and there is a wikipedia article about him that makes him sound like the most important filmmaker and psychologists and businessman ever.  Yeah not so much.  Indeed, we're pretty sure one of the shows was made up, literally made up.

What would make someone do such a thing?  I dunno.  Isabelle is a better person than I and she feels kind of sorry for the dude.  I am not much on people taking credit for others' work (to be fair neither i Isabelle, but she is just nicer than I am).

We then went on to talk about Isabelle's program and some of the people who are in it, including a person from Saskatchewan and a person from China.