Episode 61 - Family Grocery Soccer Cast

Of course it is Saturday.  Of course we went grocery shopping.  Of course we went to the liquor store.  Of course Maddie had to go to the lab and therefore we drove her.  Of course Jon had soccer.  Of course we recorded it.

We talked about a lot of different things.  One of the burning questions we asked was, can our little town support so many home improvement stores?

We talked a bit about Madeleine's future in grad school and such.  Pretty exciting times for the Michaud-Brodbeck family.

On the way back from Jon's soccer we talked about how great the coach is.  I think it is because he just treats kids with autism the same as any other kids.

The song at the end by Billy Bragg is there because he did it so well on Letterman so many years ago and I can't believe this is Dave's last week.