Episode 64 - Of Galas and Airplanes

Wow, what a weekend.  Our two mothers were here, Madeleine graduated from university and received the smartest kid in the university award, Jon was awesome and I was named the greatest living human by the United Nations.

OK, some of that might be hyperbole....  However, Maddie does now have a BSc(Hons) in psychology, and our mothers were here visiting to watch it (you can hear both of them scream on the audio when Maddie gets the Governor-General's silver medal) and we did go to the convocation gala and Jon was great at it.  

The Moms flew home in the past couple of days, but, Isabelle's Mom didn't have any (unexpired) photo ID.  It all worked out though.

Oh and the UN likes me, they really like me!

You may notice us talking at the start as if there was other stuff already recorded.  Well, there was but well, there wasn't sorta.