Episode 69 - There is No Bingo

Join us in our drudgery, err, an exciting trip to buy stuff.

It is our wedding anniversary today, so you will notice a theme today.  We talked about how French on the internet, and in general, doesn't get the respect it deserves and it is annoying. This seems especially true on the web.  People don't seem to care that missing accents, for example, ARE SPELLING MISTAKES.

In exciting news, Isabelle almost got killed by someone in the parking lot, so that was fun.

Our city is slowly changing, though it is still pretty far behind other places.

I got gin today that came with a handy bottle of tonic, what a time to be alive.  We talked a bit about our wedding, where Isabelle's cousin married us, which was pretty damned cool.  Oddly, her cousin was born in Austin, TX, where her dad was a psychology professor.  Oh and Isabelle's aunt looks like Isabelle but older.

We ended by listening to a little Sinatra and realized that he just talked for the most part.