Episode 98 - My Dad Was Not a Beatnik

We began today's discussion talking about hippies, beatniks and how my Dad was no beatnik.  Dad was funny, and indeed I tell the story about him running a long term practical joke on his old business partner.

Isabelle went to an art exhibit last night at the Art Gallery of Algoma featuring a recent grad of her program at the University.  The AGA is starting to show stuff from locals, including recent BFA grads from Algoma University.  This is a good thing.

Dad would never have ordered one

Dad would never have ordered one

I ran into a guy from work.  He talked about the University.  I just said 'I'm deleting emails'  I love my sabbatical.

I tend to talk and talk and talk.  Indeed, I just want to be the most interesting person you have ever met.

Sometimes my vision gets in the way of me being social.  Of course other times, I'm actually anti social....

Thanks for the comments and thanks for listening.