Episode 145 - Heathens With Biblical Names

So we had a snow day.  Holy crap did we have a snow day.  Really it was a snow couple of days, though only one day involved the city shutting down.  Snow is common here but not snow days.  To put it in some perspective we have lived here, on and off for 14 years.  We've had one snow day.

If you'd like to see a video of the storm, here's one.

So we got 55 cm of snow over a couple of days, and that wasn't really the issue as much as the wind which caused severe drifting.

Isabelle spent the week in Jon's classes, shadowing him.  It was exhausting.

Remember those grants Isabelle wrote back in the summer?  Well, one of them came through.

Have you ever noticed that nobody is named 'Jesus' in English?  It is common in Spanish.  I wonder why not in English, or French for that matter.