Episode 107 - The Demographics of Grocery Shopping

OK, that's enough now, I refuse to shovel.

OK, that's enough now, I refuse to shovel.

Back to shopping and back to winter.  Or at least snow.  We got about 10 cm of snow last night and I for one am opposed to it.  Indeed, I refuse to shovel the damned driveway.

We went out a little later than normal today, which explains the later release time.  The nice thing is this allowed Jon to come with us.  I always enjoy his company and his help while shopping.

Isabelle went to the market today before we shopped and she bought stuff.  She also met an alpaca farmer, so you know, that's kinda cool.

It seems like everyone today at the grocery store was old, like way old.

We ended up talking about how different the US is from Canada and why.  Spoiler alert, we don't know why.