Episode 120 - That's One Sirioos Bonfire

Isabelle is back from her trip to Quebec City and Montreal to visit family and I'll soon be off to #MMPR2016.

We brought Jon along this time to the scene of a Jonathan Files restaurant review, Stackburger.  While this never made it to the recording I want to mention that someone in my fb feed the other day called their food 'salty'.  It's not, and if you don't put salt on the outside of a burger you don't get that nice crust, I'm just saying.

While Isabelle was away we tore down, or cut down, a tree that was growing at a ridiculous rate.   It is a poplar I think.  Five years ago it didn't exist.  Today, it was 40-50 feet high.  It had to go.

We were going to go camping, but the weather looks shitty, so no to that.  Staying in the trailer is one thing, staying in it all day is quite another.

I'll have some post MMPR thoughts next week.