Episode 150 - Dirty Melting Snow

So, off we went, in the new era of the crazy USA.  We only briefly talked of that.

Why don't people take criticism well, when it is given honestly?  I just don't get it.  I mean you don't attack the person, but the thing they've done.

We have a friend coming by tonight, you've heard him on a much earlier Broken Area,  We'll have dinner, and then we'll watch the Great Escape!

I told the cashier about sous vide cooking.  I'm a sousvideangelist.

It's a brave new world, let's hope it doesn't become a Brave New World.

Boy is it gross out, 1 C and raining.  Makes it look lovely.  That said, it allowed Isabelle to make a great plate tectonics pull.....

Enjoy our sesquicentennial.