Episode 196 - People Are Always In My Way In The Grocery Store When All I Want To Do Is Buy Things


I'm not sure that's the exact title we agreed on but it is close.  When we got home there was a clog in the upstairs bathroom sink.  So for the last 45 minutes I've been fixing that.  All fixed.  Boy that ways fun!

Anyway, we went out a tad later today too, so not only are we close to Christmas, we're later in the day.  The store was packed.  Packed with people who don't know how to cook or shop.  It's kind of cute in a way seeing say a young couple wanting to impress their family by cooking.  Cooking food they have no idea how to cook.  I then told the tale of helping out such a couple.

Isabelle's work is coming along nicely.  She says sometimes her stuff is too painty.  I am not sure what that means, but it makes sense to her and the other art people, so it is just a term I don't understand.

Isabelle's Dad built houses and was a designer and is the inspiration for a lot of her work.