Episode 165 - Pop Shoppe

So, writing this before we go.

Look, I think I have a title already.  It is my hope anyway.  More on that when we get back.

It's spring, really!

The nice weather means that Cow Quest 2017 has begun!  Isabelle went cow painting yesterday, and had a good time doing so.

I had a lot of meetings yesterday.  I invited Isabelle to come to a university Senate meeting, she declined....

The title refers to the Pop Shoppe, a Canadian institution for a while, that just disappeared.   It is back, and it's selling alcoholic pop!  So, yeah, I got some....

We then had some audio issues in the third segment, so we recorded a bit at home.  Looks like Isabelle will be entering some prints in a competition.  You can see them in the pic on this post.

Jon joined us for a bit as well.  Have a good week, see you next Saturday.